“The friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.” Google

Do you find yourself to be hospitable?

Do you invite people over to spend time at your house without hesitation?

Do you hold BBQs, parties and holidays in your home?

I do!! I love having people over to pr house. Our house isn’t the biggest, most perfect dwelling to have ever existed. However, it’s OURs and I’m proud of it.

Now I’m very type A so being able to have everyone over to my place means I’m in charge and I like that. It also gives me an excuse to clean up real well. Lastly, we’re the one with all the kids. So, keeping them here and having others come to us is typically much easier.

Too often we hold ourselves up to some standard that no one has actually set for us. The idea of having others over to see our imperfect house, with the stained carpets and the outdated bathroom seems overwhelming.

As people, we just want connection. One of the ways we are able to connect better with others is by showing hospitality. Give yourself some grace and know that visitors aren’t pay attention to your old kitchen cabinets or well loved furniture. When they are the right people, they just want to spend that time with you.


Father’s Day

There’s not enough time, nor enough words to thank these men for all they’ve given to me. My own father Steve Viso for always giving to, thinking of and supporting me and my family. Bob Christie for making me feel loved straight from the get. Our kids are so lucky to have you both as their Papa/Grandpa. Matt for being an amazing Dad to James and Jo! Lastly, Paul Christie for being a terrific father to all 6 of our children. We ALL work together to do this whole blended family thing swimmingly, if I do say so myself. Happy Father’s Day weekend! Cheers to all 4 of you.

Take some time to tell the Father’s in your life Thank you. Have they loved you? Played a role in your life? Supported you? What about your children? Shout it from the rooftop that you know just how fortunate you are.

I would not be the woman, wife and mother that I am without these men. Luckily I get to spend time with each of them this weekend to tell them that.

Thank you all for loving me and my children! Blended families are AMAZING when you embrace all the love and people that make it work.

Contentment #thisis38

Godliness with Contentment is great gain.

Remember that we come into this world with nothing and we go out the exact same way.

We should feel content with food and shelter.

Money is the root of all evil and is conveted far too much.

But, Godliness with contentment is great gain!

Timothy 6:6

Tuesday’s Thoughts

Talk about the Joys in your life instead of the problems.

Thinking about what is wrong has become a real focus! I say, look at all the good. There is way more joy, you have to be willing to see it!

When you’re looking for problems, you’ll find more problems. Concentrate on the joys and suddenly there will be more.

Detroit Tigers

Our family is full of Tiger fans. My parents have season tickets, my children have been spoiled by going to many games and the youngest 3 are even kids club members.

Well, yesterday a dream came true for our 11 year old. He was chosen to be a part of Kids Take the Field. Which means his name was announced with a position. Then, he ran to said location and waited for the Tiger’s player for that position to run out to meet him.

The Tigers haven’t been bringing their A game this season. We have a pretty new and unrecognizable roster. However, our right field is Nick Castellanos. He’s been around for a bit now and is a great ball player. That is who James was matched up with.

Every single year my parents take my husband, myself and our 6 children to one game all together. Well, yesterday was that game. Only we added 10 other family members. James’ dad and stepmom, my husband’s parents and 3 sets of aunts/uncles.

Besides James’ time on the field, our family made it on the big screen 3 other times. We won Miller Lite prize packs, that included free beer. My youngest son got C. Mo’s (a former Tiger’s player) autograph. It was a good day.

Planning a Budget

Zig Ziglar used to say, “If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.”

When it comes to money and household finances, this means without a budget there is plenty opportunity for things to go wrong. You need to start with a strong foundation so you can be successful between paychecks.

I have been working with a zero dollar budget for about a year now. That is a Dave Ramsey thing. Having a place for every dollar to go. Budgeting all of your output to match your input and tweaking as you go along if need be.

When we get paid, I pay bills right off the top. Then I can tell more accurately if I need to tweak our “fun” money for the week.

It isn’t a perfect system. Though it’s the closest to one I’ve found. I use the Every Dollar website on the computer to put together my budget and to go back and refer to over the month. Each month I build a new budget on there and can add/ subtract bills accordingly.

It’s still a work in progress. Trying to get it right every month, or the manipulation when an unexpected bill pops up. It helps tremendously though and I highly recommend it.

Money Management

We are coming into our summer break here at our house. Which means income will be less, because I’ll be home with the kids. It is well worth it, but it means looking at our finances differently.

I started a new Bible Study today on money, by Dave Ramsey. As my household heads into this season, I figured promoting a healthy view of money could really be beneficial.

I have definitely found in my life that the healthier attitude I have about money, the healthier our relationship is. Stewarding it properly and we will be rewarded. When I’m thankful for what is coming it, it more than provides for what my family needs.

Money always flows away from those who don’t manage it and toward those who do.

Dave Ramsey

Good in Every Day

Every day may not be good, but there is good in every day. I’ve heard different examples of this used. The point is, it’s all in how you choose to look at it.

What good has already happened for you today? Can you see that you opening your eyes, drawing breath and even reading this are all good things?

One of my favorite parts in the first Sex an the City movie, the girls ask Charlotte how often she’s happy in her marriage. She says every day. The girls looks at her like she’s lying, that can’t possibly be true. Then Charlotte goes on to say, not all day everyday, but every day.

It’s the same idea right? It is all about perspective.

We are given a lot of choices and great opportunity in this life. I don’t know about you, but I’m messing up constantly! Though, most days I’m lucky enough that I look at it positively.

This weekend was full of activity, running around and even brought some unexpected sadness. At the end of it though, I had a great time. The stress was worth the success. Even when I couldn’t stop the sadness my friends were experiencing, I was able to be there to support them, pray for them and love them.

Find the Good in Every Day! It’s there for you, if you choose to see it. Make it happen today, this week, this month. Make it a habit to start seeing the good.

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