The theme of my Yoga practice this morning was Charisma.

The first thing that Adriene said this morning was that we were getting down to “Brass Tacks” which means to get down to the basics or the essentials.

Adriene wanted to take us back to what it felt like to be a child.  To remember what it felt like to play and free our body from feeling so stiff.

This found us in child’s pose multiple times which is such a honest, true and relaxing pose.  That wasn’t what got to me though.  At the end of the practice we did Happy Baby pose.  This pose I typically hate, it just feels so silly for a 37 year old to lay on her back holding her legs out and rocking back and forth.  If you have no idea what I am talking about, google it and you will see.

It was in that moment that I had a tear trickle down my face…thank you Adriene.  I mean today was day 17 out of 30, but I am pretty sure that I have shed a tear or two at least 12 out of the 17 days.

That was exactly what I needed this morning.  My whole goal for this summer was to remember to play.  A mission that I felt like I was called for in the beginning of the year and then again felt commissioned to find the play again during lent when I was making my way through the Looking for Lovely devotional.  This was the main reason why I wanted to spend the summer with my children because I knew that they would help me find my way back.

So today, after I pick up 2 of the kids at 11:30, I intend to go play.  We have an arcade on the agenda, then maybe some bowling.  We shall see where the day takes us.

Happy Wednesday!




I honestly don’t remember the last time my soul felt this light!!

I mean that in a good way.  Not in the way that is empty, because it certainly isn’t.  But the weight, the weight that I have been feeling for what feels like forever, it is gone.

I woke up this morning and provided for my husband because he will be providing for me.  I made him lunch and coffee as he got ready for work.  Then I read a bit, paid a couple of bills (while I watched the Bachelorette), then I did 40 minutes of yoga.

I have been doing yoga nearly daily while I am home.  Actually, even last week while we were out of town, before we hit that amusement park for the day I did my yoga practice in the hotel room.  I wanted to do it so much I didn’t care that I didn’t have my mat, or that my husband was in the room with me or that I had to watch it from my phone and not the computer.

It always gets my day started on the right foot.  A day that had 26000 other steps attached to it, so I knew I would get my exercise in either way.  Yoga though, yoga is different.  It centers me and really makes me release everything from my head.  It allows me to forgive and forget.

Yoga is everything I never knew that I needed in my life.  My husband said to me awhile ago, you need to start working out again.  Not because he thought I was gaining weight, but because he knows that I have a better day if I exercise in the morning.  He knows me so well, but I didn’t need to get back to the gym like I had previously been doing.  I have a beautiful hardwood floor in my room, big open space and a yoga mat that just begs to be used.  Nearly every morning for the last 2 months or so, I have been doing Yoga in my own bedroom thanks to Yoga with Adriene.

This starts my day light and helps me keep that feeling throughout the day.  I am stressed out less, I get frustrated less, I remember to breathe and treat my body kinder throughout the day.

I am lighter….from the inside-out!

It has been nearly 4 months since I wrote the list in the image.  I have lost 10 pounds, haven’t smoked in over 2 months, drink more than enough water every day, read my devotion first thing and take vitamins regularly!  That is my Me list!

Happy Me, Happy We (my family)!!


As Is!

Often I use my morning devotion as my inspiration for my blog posts.  Well, today is no different.

Savor: Living Abundantly Where You are, as You Are by Shauna Niequist is my current devotional.  It is 365 days long and I started it back in May, so it’ll be with me for along time still.

I didn’t read it this weekend, because I was busy and I wasn’t thinking about it.  So, this morning I read 3 of them to catch up.  July 22nd found us with the topic “As Is”.

Shauna reflects on a time where she lived in an old house.  She said that she would put her hands on the plaster walls or on the old floors and think thankful thoughts about them, even if they were scratched up and you could see the flaws she would be thankful for them.

It is her thought that God does the same thing to her.  That God lays his hand on her head and heart and regardless of the flaws and insecurities he thinks thankful thoughts for her.

Here is a quote.  “In my best moments, when I calm down and listen very closely.  God says, “I didn’t ask you to become new and improved today.  That wasn’t the goal.  You were broken down and strange yesterday, and you still are today, and the only one freaked out about it is you.”

You are the only you.  God created you in his image and he is thankful.  We can return the favor by being thankful with him. As he slowly transforms us and challenges us in this life, he knows exactly what he is doing.

Happy Monday!

Love is All You Need

So….Paul and I have now known each other for 7 years.  We started talking on July 13th and met in person for the first time on the 17th.  We were pretty inseparable right from the beginning.  He was at my home any time we weren’t working and my children were with their Dad.  We moved quickly and were judged by many, but we just knew right from the very beginning.

Last week I went through my hope chest.  My hope chest has all of the cards that Paul and I have exchanged with each other over the last 7 years.  For Anniversary’s, Valentine’s day, Christmas..etc.

I keep these because they are our love notes to each other.  When I’m having a hard day, when I need a pick me up, I can go into my bag of cards that have been exchanged and read thoughtful heartfelt words form my husband.

Two cards stuck out to me this past week as I was going through and I decided to frame them.

I didn’t frame them because I am afraid that we will forget.  I framed them because it doesn’t hurt to remember!  One of these was a card that I had given to Paul and the other was one that he had given to me.  The words inside are beautiful, true and pure.

At the core is Love.  Always choose each other.  Work every day, to choose to love each other.  It is hard some days, but for the last 7 years I haven’t regret one single moment and it has all been well worth it.

Young Living Oils

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I don’t really know who the person was that taught me how to pray.  I mean, I was raised in the church so I just always remember doing it.

As I grew, praying looked different to me.  I realized it didn’t have to be quite so formal.  I didn’t always have to have a couple of minutes to kneel or to bow my head to put my prayers up to God.

Sometimes, it would be just a short minute in the car while I was driving.  Or in my bed before I even opened up my eyes in the morning.  When we moved into our current home about a year and a half a ago my mother in law gave us a box with a pad of paper and a pen in it.  It is our prayer box.  It sits on a coffee table in our family room and when something is heavy on my heart, I take a minute to scribble it on a piece of paper and put it in there.

I have found myself speaking about prayer a lot recently.  When people asked me how, when or why I left Starfish (my job).  I simply say, I started praying on it shortly after the new year.  Then God offered me signs that leaving and staying home with my children was the right thing to do in this season.

Prayer can be whatever works for you.  It can be casual or formal, by yourself or with a group, silent or out loud.  Whatever is weighing on your heart, both good or bad, question or just statement, lift it to him.  I promise that he is listening.  Whatever you do…remember this. (That top line says “Be Patient”)


All Your Eggs in One Basket

Regularly I read my devotional in the morning and it hits a cord with me and I use that as my jumping off point for a post.  Well, today was no different.

Today’s writing reflected back on putting all the author’s eggs in one basket.  There was a season in her life where she felt like she was putting all her eggs in the “job basket” and it broke.

Up until a month ago, this is exactly what I felt like I was doing at work.  Until I read today’s devotion though, I wouldn’t have been able to put those words to it.  For 4 years I was putting all my eggs in one, very limited basket.  I lost myself, I gained weight and was out of shape, I was giving up so much time with my children and so much more.

Over the last month since I became a “stay at home mom”, I have found happiness again.  I have lost weight, literally years have fallen off of my face.  Multiple people told me yesterday that they could see how happy I was and how much younger and refreshed I looked.  I do yoga nearly every day, go for walks and spend time with my kids doing the things that they are interested in doing.

My eggs are all in one basket now, but it my basket!!  My basket is really big, strong and sturdy now.  Marriage, Family, Home, Health, Career, Happiness those are the eggs that are in my basket!  A nicely balanced basket.

Nothing to Lose

Hello, my name is Stephanie and one of my biggest challenges and maybe also biggest strengths is that I will tell you exactly what is on my mind.

Want to know what I really think about something?  Just ask, because once it is out there in the universe I have a very difficult time keeping my mouth shut about it.  I am an open book.  I won’t lie to you, I will not cheat, I will not keep things from you.

I read my devotional this morning and the title was “Nothing Left to Lose”.  The author of my devotional had left her job 3 months prior to writing for today.  Then she went to still speak to a crowd at a conference and felt as though she shouldn’t be there because she was no longer at the job that she was hired to speak for.

I left my job one month ago.  Tomorrow I am working for the first time since I left doing a job that I love, a job that I am good at.  This time, as myself, independently.  What right do I have to be there?  Am I a fraud because I am only me now and I don’t have the backing of an agency or organization?

NO…they contacted ME.  They wanted ME.  I drew up my own contract and I am my own person when I step foot into that building.  This is mine and I get to own it, for me and not for anyone else.  After all, I have nothing to lose!  It just might be the best facilitating I will ever do and it just might feel fabulous.


Yoga: Truth

Another day that the hubs had to wake up early to go to work.  He doesn’t usually work on the weekends, which is super nice.  Inventory is tomorrow though, so he has been working really hard to prepare.

Anyway, that meant another day where I could get my yoga session in before the kids woke up.  I am on day 6 of a 30 day yoga journey.  I am loving it SO much that I just might end up doing it again!  Here is a link: TRUE Yoga with Adriene

I pulled my beautiful Yoga Mat out of my closet.  I sprayed it with my relaxing/calming essential oil spray blend.  Then I rolled on some essential oils under my nose and behind my ears (my chill pill blend).  Can you tell that I need some serious aid in getting and keeping calm?  I put my YL Bergamot and Lime oils in my diffuser, then I was finally ready for my Yoga practice for the morning.

This practice has really hit home with me.  It is beautiful, moving and pushing my body and mind just past its limits!  I find myself looking forward to it every day and finishing each session (sometimes I quit after about 15 minutes or so because I can’t focus or relax long enough).  All the reasons that I really need yoga are the same reasons it is really hard for me to do yoga.  LOL!

At the end of my practice today Adriene (from Yoga with Adriene) said this and I am going to take it with me throughout my day and hopefully carry it throughout my life.


Think It

Speak It

Feel It


Happy Saturday!

Oh What a Beautiful Morning…

Let me tell you about my morning so far!

I woke up about 4:00am.  My husband has been going into work early and getting out late this week, he is prepping for inventory.  I have been waking up with him.  Not because I have to, no I don’t have to.  I want to though.  He is waking up early to provide for our family, so I wake up early to provide for him.  Went downstairs and made the coffee and his lunch.

Sure I could have gone back to sleep after I did that, but what is the point in that?  I might as well get in some me time before the kid wake up.

Today was my weigh-in for my “Let’s Get Healthy” group that I am currently participating.  I weighed in at exactly 160lbs.  I am down 7.4 pounds in 5 weeks.  Here is the reality of those 7.4 pounds though…”{I posted this in the group earlier last week} Can we talk real achievements today? 1. The amount of wedgies has significantly decreased! 2. I wore a bathing suit with no skirt attached yesterday for the first time in 2 years! 3. Even though it isn’t an official weigh in, my scale read under 160 this morning, for the first time in 2018 😊 7lbs is 28 sticks of butter… that sure adds up when you are talking about where those sticks have melted off your body!!}”  The point is that I am feeling terrific.

I worked on a couple of things on the computer, while watching my guilty pleasure “Real Housewives of New York”.  Then I pulled up my favorite “Yoga with Adriene”.  She has an amazing set called True and I am on day 5.  It was about 25 minutes long and at the end of the practice I got tears in my eyes.  It just hit me that for the first time in who knows how long I am able to actually relax for 25 straight minutes.  Listening to my breath, concentrating on my core and really allowing myself to stay centered.

Now…I am writing this and listening to a Podcast called “TimetoWine” that my friend started!  It is just real ladies talking about real life things.  I plan to make my way onto it at some point!

Later on today we will be heading to the Art fair to look at the beautiful things that others have created, while I spend some quality time with the beautiful things that I have created ❤ ❤

OH yea…also 7 years ago today was when I first connected with my wonderful, loving and selfless husband!