Wellness Wednesday: Week 12

I haven’t done a Wellness Wednesday check in for a month now.  CRAZY.  I was busy getting ready for vacation, then on vacation and then last week trying to get out of the post vacation “let down.”

This morning I decided it was important for me to check in for me and see how much I had “derailed.”  LOL.  Well, I am up 2 pounds from a month ago, but it is my lady time AND I definitely am still carrying some from vacation.  That is totally cool with me though because I ate ever last thing and drank every last thing that I wanted to.  I am down another .5″ though, for a total of 18.5″ in 2019.

I haven’t been to the yoga mat much though and for that I am disappointed.  However, I did go to my rec center yesterday for the first time on my own.  I hadn’t been offered a Shipt Shop yet, so I decided to go and walk the track.  I threw my earbuds in, listened to a podcast and walked (fast paced) around the track for nearly 45 minutes until I was offered an order!  I think that I will be doing that more often.

Lent started while my family and I were on vacation.  Traditionally my religion doesn’t “give things up” for Lent.  Though as a way of fasting, my husband and I have given things up in the past.  Last year though, I did something different.  I decided to dedicate Lent as a time TO DO something.  I am working through a Bible Study by She Reads Truth.  First is 4 weeks going through the Book of Job and then the next 4 is about the resurrection.  That is really making me happy and so great for my mental well being.

My last wellness check-in with you today will be that Jess and I had an amazing conversation last week.  For those of you who don’t know Jess is married to my ex.  We found our way to each other through blogging nearly 3 years ago now. I Know and Thank You  Like any other relationship, ours ebbs and flows.  For a few months there it seemed that we had grown more distant.  Last week out of nowhere she messaged me to tell me “I am thankful for you.”  This lead us into a lengthy text session and we have chatted nearly every day since.  ❤

Happy Hump Day Everyone!



My Best Friend

Please click and vote: https://nclgivingjoy.com/voteme/30373/632453333?ep1=fb

Guys, my best friend is AMAZING. We graduated from college at the same time in spring of 2002. She’s been working for the same district in the same program since fall of 02.

She’s a special ed teacher. She teaches in an all inclusive classroom. She teaches all the subjects, sports and many other helpful skills. Supports students whom have all kinds of needs and severity in their abilities.

Katy is currently in Abu Dhabi with one of her students!! He made it into the special Olympics for bowling and my best friend spent money out of her own pocket to go and represent his family!!!

She is the most selfless person that I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Please, please, please go and vote for her ❤

Here’s the link again… just in case! https://nclgivingjoy.com/voteme/30373/632453333?ep1=fb

Slow Down…

For years, I’ve been go go going. Feeling like I always needed to keep up or even more often feeling like I needed to stay ahead of things

Pulling myself in so many directions. Signing up for many different things. Trying to be everything to everyone.

Last week I was on the vacation of a lifetime with most of the people I cherish most in this world. You know what?? I enjoyed it too. I was present, involved and in the moment. I relaxed, I had fun and I keep recalling every last detail.

I’m having a bit of post vacation let down. 15 months planning and then boom, it’s gone like that!!

Tonight after a long week, we had charcuterie for dinner. I could’ve made a big, warm meal. Instead, I decided to do something a bit simpler that our family really enjoys. I decided to Slow Down & Savor.

After Death

Yesterday I went to the funeral of my husband’s aunt. I’m pretty fortunate that at 38 I haven’t been to what I would say is a lot of funerals.

The “closest” relatives I’ve had pass are great grandparents. I’ve never been involved in funeral arrangements, decisions about the body/burial, etc.

Most of the funerals I’ve been to have been at my own church. In a space I’m comfortable, in a format that I recognize. Never following along to a cemetary afterward.

Yesterday was the first time where a funeral I was going to attend would be followed by the cemetery. Originally, I thought that I wouldn’t go. I had a conversation with my husband and then I prayed on it.

I messaged my BFF, for some words of wisdom which I knew I’d get. After she gave me words from the bible about fearing death, I had to explain.

I’m not scared of death. Not at all, I honestly don’t remember ever being. I just don’t like the idea of burials. Again, not because I’m scared, but because I think it’s an outdated tradition.

I don’t want a casket, I don’t want to be on display for people to see. Looking different than I actually look (they ALWAYS do). I try desperately to never have to look in a casket, while still being respectful. Again, not because I’m scared. Simply because that’s not the memory that I want to have.

My best friend said “Maybe today you tap into your compartmentalizing side that all pastors have. You are called to pastoral ministry, that call never stops. You just live it differently than professional ministry. So maybe just be a pastoral presence to those around you, knowing that all of this – funeral, cemetery, etc – is all a show for ourselves.”

So…I helped, I loved and I comforted. All that I was called to do. Realizing that it’s not for me, but I was honoring someone else’s tradition.

Here is what I know for me…I want EVERYTHING donated… everything that is useable… then cremate me…put me in a ziploc or shoebox whatever is cheap and sprinkle me somewhere… anywhere. Church, a park, a baseball field…. just do it with smiles, laughter and a beverage!!

Too old and too secure

How many friends/followers do you have on social media?

On Facebook I have 300, give or take a few. All but like 10 of them are family or friends that I have in real life. I have requests all the time from people who I haven’t seen in 20+ years and individuals I’ve never even heard of. It’s even worse on Instagram.

I get it if you think you’re going to be some big sensation or trying to get a following (after all, I have many followers on here that I don’t know in real life).

What is the point of having 1000 friends on Facebook though? Or keeping friends who troll, only negatively comment or don’t even understand your life?

I just don’t know. I have zero issue deleting people who only bring in negatively. I’m not in need of followers or friends badly enough to put up with that B.S.

It’s just too much and completely unnecessary.

Family Vacation

I took a week off from posting because we were on family vacation.

Last Friday evening at 8pm we set off in our 15 passenger rental van. 11 passengers total, making the trek from Detroit Mi to Daytona Beach Fl.

Us and our 6 children, plus my sister and her 2 children. With stops it was about a 19 hour drive. Traveling through 8 states total. Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, S. Carolina, N. Carolina, Georgia then Florida. For us the road trip is part of the adventure. New states, new foods and lots of memories.

We arrived to Daytona Beach around 3pm on Saturday. My in laws, 5 of them total were already at the hotel. It was the first time 3 of our children were seeing the ocean. We had a wonderful seafood dinner, but crashed hard around 9pm. We woke up to wach the sunrise all together on the beach. It was beautiful.

We had breakfast, walked the boardwalk and dipped our feet in the ocean again. Around noon we headed from Daytona to Davenport (by Orlando). Met my parents at a brewery, enjoyed some pancake sandwiches and got some sun. Then we went and checked into our condo for the week.

On Monday we went to a Detroit Tigers spring training game. Our 9 year old was chosen to be the pizza runner. It was so cool. She won lunch for her siblings.

Back to the condo for some swimming, early to bed though because we were headed to Magic Kingdom on Tuesday.

The weather Tuesday was less than amazing. 54 and raining in the morning. Thank heavens I had come prepared with a family pack of ponchos. We enjoyed roller coasters, Turkey legs and fireworks.

Wednesday we relaxed. Laid in bed until nearly 1pm. Some more pool time and pizza for dinner.

Thursday was Universal day. Harry Potter world and just a day of magic. Butter beer, wands, ice cream and about 10 miles of walking.

Lastly, Friday. My grandparents drove up to our condo to visit for a couple of hours. We spent the whole day at the pool. Had a lot of Chinese food for dinner, all 18 of us that were on this trip together. Celebrate 3 of the kids birthdays to end our week together.

On Saturday we left the parking lot at 3am to head out on our journey home. Driving a different way this time, only 6 states. It took about 19 hours again. We tried more new food and enjoyed the time together. The last 7 hours or so it was raining pretty good, but we made it home just before 10pm.

We are all exhausted. It was absolutely the vacation of a lifetime. Both mine and my husband’s parents, some siblings, 2 nieces, a nephew and all 6 of our children. Experiencing new things, going to new places and making everlasting memories.

It took a lot of time, a lot of energy, a lot of planning and a lot of money. It was so worth it though. I’m so happy we could do this for our family. Now today, back to work.

I’m a Sinner Too!!

For those of you who don’t know I am a member of the United Methodist Church.  For the most part, I have been a very proud member for 38 years.  This includes years where I attended other types of congregations, took religion classes and did my part to learn more about other religions.  I found that the United Methodist Church still made the most sense for me.

When I graduated college I purchased the 2000 United Methodist book of discipline.  The book of discipline constitutes the law and doctrine of the UMC.  I went through it to see what “we” as a church denomination believe.  I wanted to make sure that I really KNEW this religion of mine.  I will be honest when I tell you that one of the very first things that I looked for information on was same sex marriage.

Having just spent the last 4 years of my life in college, my eyes had been open to so much.  Many people who grew up differently than me.  People who came from all different cities, states and countries.  Students who had been exposed to ways of life that were different from me.  I was reminded over and over again that Diversity is beautiful.

It disappointed me back in 2000 to know that the church I had committed my life to was still not embracing same sex relationships.  To me, even then it seemed so far behind the times.  Well just a couple of days ago, in 2019, at the United Methodist General Conference, the majority voted to ban clergy and same sex marriage.

Conservatives from around the world voted in favor of “The Traditional Plan.”  My social media feed has been filled with friends who are hurt, can’t make sense of it and feel that the church has missed it’s opportunity to make a step forward.  I couldn’t agree more.

When I was 20 years old, my sister was 17.  Her long-term boyfriend “cheated” on her.  I wanted to kill him.  I mean it when I say, every single time I was in the same room with him I was filled with rage.  I would throw an actual temper tantrum instead of going off on him.  My sister would still bring him around and I absolutely hated it.  One time, my Dad pulled me upstairs and said to me “are you so perfect that you can judge him?”

I wanted my answer to be yes, but the fact of the matter was that it obviously was no.  I mean obviously, I was 21 years old, about to embark on my Senior year of college, of course I had made some questionable decisions!  Off the top of my head, I had tattoos, I wasn’t a virgin and I had gambled at a casino.

Here we are nearly 18 years later and I remember like it was yesterday having that conversation with my Dad.  I have had many times over the years where I believe that the way I do things is “better” than what others choose.  Then I have to pull myself in and remember that isn’t the case.  I read a lot of articles yesterday in relation to the decision of the UMC church and sins as stated in the bible.

This is something that I haven’t really thought about in deep detail for a long time.  Words I read cut me like a knife!!  Do you know how many things I have done in my life that are considered “sins”?  I mean, I have 4 tattoos, they are always there…I am literally constantly sinning.  I drink beer, for fun and I like it!  I lived with men before I was married.  I have purchased lavish things, I have gorged on food and in my younger years I dressed “sexy” from time to time.

The one that really got me though was divorce!  The bible says that me being divorced is a sin.  Worse yet, that getting remarried after divorce is a sin!  Furthermore, that whomever marries someone who is divorced is committing adultery!  Which means, both my husband and myself, since we both have previous marriages under our belt.

I call B.S.  I am 38 years old and I know my relationship with the Lord.  I can honestly say, it has never been better.  We talk EVERY DAY.  He is proud of me and this life that I have built.  I believe that he found Paul for me and led me to him.

There are conservatives that are using the words of the bible to their convenience.  The bible says “being gay is a sin.”  To these people I say, are you so perfect that you can judge?  Even IF you believe it is a sin, have you never committed any of the laundry list of items that the bible says are sins?  Or is it just super convenient for you that you believe that times have changed enough for sex before marriage, gambling, drinking and being left-handed are no longer sins, but being gay THAT is the one that you know God is standing firm on?


REBLOG: Ten Minutes: Job for Season

I already knew in my heart that I’d be leaving said job sooner rather than later. About 6 weeks after this post, I put in my notice

Now, I’m in a season where I’m choosing to be with my children more. Working only while they are in school. Having their breaks, snow days and vacations to spend with them.


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