Do you have a Vision Board?

I read a wonderful post yesterday about why we should have vision boards.  While reading, I found myself reflecting on my own vision board.  I was wondering if in fact this board that I had created back in October, really was helping me to stay focused.  The post said that a vision board looks different for everyone.  Though it suggested that you have some things that are hand written, as things in your own hand writing tend to hold a more personal value for you.  There should be quotes of inspiration, not only objectives or goals.  Lastly, if you like to bedazzle, then more power to you and add stickers, fun paper, markers, etc.

Back when I put this together in October I had some very specific goals.  I knew that some of these things would take years to accomplish, though if I put them somewhere that I could visually see them every single day, then I would be able to remind myself why in fact I work so hard.  It gives me the energy, the drive and the strength to keep on keeping on.

First the center of my Vision Board is a hand written message that says “Debt Free”, this in fact is the center focus for me. If I can get us debt free, then some of the bigger ideas can fall into place.  Due to divorce, we are quite a bit in the hole. We live our life paycheck to paycheck in order to pay off HUGE chunks of our debt every single month.  It is getting a little bit easier.  Slowly but surely accounts are getting paid off and I sleep a little bit better each night.  We are on top off all of our bills and even though we are still in debt, the amount we owe is getting smaller and smaller each month.

My other hand written goals are Smoke Free Mama (yes for those of you that don’t know I have smoked/I did smoke and I will probably smoke again).  For me this is a stress reducer.  It is absolutely not healthy and not OK.  I know this, I’m a smart person and I know all the risks/harms that come with it.  It specifically says “smoke free mama”, so that I am forced to think “What would the kids think?”  If/When the kids understand smoking, how disappointed would they be in me?  In addition if I am smoking, how do I tell my children not to smoke?

Buy a Home is another personally written message.  Due to our debt, buying a home isn’t an option for us right now.  We are working hard to pay it off, so that after our lease is up in 2 years, we might just be in a position to move into a permanent residence.  I used to own a house, in another life, with my ex husband.  I loved that house, it was very hard to leave it.  I haven’t been able to settle into anything since then.  Each of the last 3 houses I have lived in, I have been abruptly uprooted from for some reason or another.  All that were very upsetting, hurtful and not my fault.  The first because of divorce.  The second because my landlord decided not to use my rent money to pay the mortgage.  A letter ended up on my front door 10 weeks before Paul and I were to marry, stating that we needed to be out in 10 weeks!!!  We were getting married Dec 31st and had to move out no later than Jan 2nd.  Then the 3rd house we lived in for 3 years, fully believing that we would be living in that house forever, that when we were ready, we would be buying it from the owner. On December 9th, we got a letter in the mail saying that we had to be out of our house by January 30th, because our landlords had decided that they wanted to move back home.  It was happening all over again. My heart was broken, I had once again let my family down.  So, now we live in yet another rental, our 3rd in 4 1/2 years. We signed a 2 year lease and I am hoping and praying that at the end of that lease, our debt will be paid off or at least significantly reduced so that we can FINALLY purchase a house.  Own a home that NO ONE can kick us out of.

The last permanent message on this vision board that I wrote myself is “140”.  That means 140lbs.  I currently weigh 151, though when I made this I had just got home from Vegas and after a couple months at my new job I was at 160.  My current job finds me sitting at a desk nearly all day, every day.  This is something that I wasn’t used to, having been a child care teacher up until this point, moving constantly.  This new more sedentary career was something I needed to figure out how to get used to and get my body back.  I’m slowly but surely working on this too, I don’t beat myself up about it ever…I just set mini goals for myself to get closer to that 140!!

I chose quotes that spoke to me, sayings that mean something.  “Refuse to be average let your heart soar as high as it will”.  For anyone who knows me, I am not average and I truly believe that I can be/do whatever I want to.  “Faith, Family and Friends” that 3 most important things to me, in that order.  Without God, I wouldn’t have my Family and without my Family who has taught me how to be me, I wouldn’t have the Friends that I do.  “Dream Big”…ALWAYS.  When hope seems to fade, when life has got you down, when things are a little bit rough….Dream Big.  “Be the Change you wish to see in the World”…this is my United Methodist Quote.  It makes me think of my faith, every single time I read it.  Live my life as the best me that I can.  “Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try”….these are my words of encouragement for my job.  It obviously works for other things in life too, but I need it to remind me to step outside my comfort zone.  ”

I have two semi-permanent attachments on my vision board.  They are both small “lists” numbered 1-5.  I change these monthly.  One Personal and one Work related.  They are laminated and I write on them with a dry erase marker at the beginning of each month.  My Personal list for May is 1.) Move 100 Miles.  2.) Move x100, means moving 100 days in a row. 3.) Get down to 148.  4.) Going to church x2, at least 2 times this month which has already been completed.  5.) Read x5, I have already read 7 books this month.  My Work list is 1.) Training Ideas, come up with some new ideas..see if there is information on this subject and start developing new trainings.  2.) GSQ Profiles, contact providers and remind them to do their profiles.  3.) Relax, something that I have to remind myself to do ALL THE TIME!!!

The last things that I have in my cube that are all part of my vision board are pictures of my family and art work that the kids have made me.  They are the reason that I do all that I do.  I think about them all day every day and the art work tells me that they think about me when they are away from me too!

vision 2art

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