Let me tell you about my kids!

So. ..I have mentioned before these wonderful friends we have who love our kids just as much as they love us.
Well yesterday my husband and I, along with 5 of our kids went to a baby shower.  The “family” shower for some of our best friends.   I totally loved that we were invited to this party.   Very family friendly and just a lot of fun.
I was overwhelmed by the invitation for our entire family to attend,  outside of family,  people don’t do that very often.   Inviting a clan of 8, 6 children tends to overwhelm almost all people.   When I RSVPed I made it a point to thank the hostess for including all of us and she responded by telling me that we all should make ourselves at home.
The party was a BBQ.  In typical Michigan form. .. The weather was extremely ify.  It had poured a couple of times before the party even started and it certainly was looking like it could downpour more.   I was worried that the kids wouldn’t have enough to keep them entertained if it rained.
Boy was I wrong.   It rained multiple times while we were there and the kids just took it all in.   They danced in the rain, played tag and while it was lightning they took cover and watched in amazement.   They didn’t whine or complain even one time.  
They totally belonged at that party.   They had fun,  were respectful and made us so very proud.   Sometimes I forget how amazing our children are.   Under our roof, they drive me crazy and we certainly have our issues.  Out in the real world though,   we can see that we have been doing something right.
When getting ready to leave the party I gave the hostess a big hug and told her just how much we appreciated the inclusive invitation.   She told me that she understood. .. She herself had 3 kids,  her husband 2 and then together 1. 
They had been just like us 20 years ago.     I got tears in my eyes talking to her.   She told me that our kids were wonderful,  beautiful and welcome anytime.
We have great kids.   They love each other,  are respectful of others and make us proud every day!   We must be doing something right.

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Wife, Mother, Step Mom, Control Freak. 7 years into my second marriage and dedicated to making my home a chemical free safe haven <3

3 thoughts on “Let me tell you about my kids!

  1. Thanks for sharing about your family, I love stories like this where the entire family matters! And gets included! My friend has 4 girls and we always loved my daughters birthdays because if no one showed up we always had 4!

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