For the Health of It

Today marks the end of the second month in a row where I challenged myself to move a minimum of 100 miles.   Today I logged in miles 114.5 to 119.5.  All of these miles are above and beyond my average daily steps.  These miles were logged by running, walking and biking.  Walking to theContinue reading “For the Health of It”

Monday, Monday

i know there are people out there that dread Monday’s.  For that I apologize.  Most of the time I am fortunate enough to look forward to them.  Weekdays have structure, which I crave.  I have a job and coworkers that I enjoy, so going back to the office doesn’t bother me.  Lastly, it’s a doContinue reading “Monday, Monday”

My Kids Make Me Proud

We had a busy weekend.  Usually when we have all six kids in the house, we are homebodies.  We may go to the park, have friends over, but for the most part we just relax and spend time together.  This weekend, we had two big plans.   Saturday late afternoon, we had an anniversary partyContinue reading “My Kids Make Me Proud”

Color Run, Let the Colors Run

This morning I did the Ypsilanti color run for the third year in a row.  Only today it was different somehow, somehow a little more special, a celebration of the amazing turn our country took yesterday.  Now, at no point did the Color Run officials, volunteers or workers say anything of the sort.  They weren’tContinue reading “Color Run, Let the Colors Run”

100 Miles Monthly

During the month of May I committed to myself to move 100 days in a row, then tacked on the challenge of moving 100 miles in the month.    At the end of May I was so inspired that I started a Facebook group called 100 Miles Monthly. I invited friends, friends invited their friends.Continue reading “100 Miles Monthly”

My Perfect For Me Husband

So, some of us (hmmm…me over here) think that we are perfect, right?  Think that we have things all figured out and that the way we do things is the right way.  This leaves very little room to make a happy life with someone else. Truth is, I don’t actually think I am perfect, butContinue reading “My Perfect For Me Husband”