Don’t call me Skinny

Last week my friend Emily shared a wonderful article on our #100milesmonthly group page.  It was a hello giggles article, where Lauren Conrad speaks about banning body shaming words from her vocab.

This has really had me thinking over the last week. How often do I use some words over others to describe how people look.  More than people in general, how do I use them to describe my physicality?  What terms do you like to hear, what words do you cringe at, what words do you want used when describing you?

When I was in elementary school I was “slim”, had to buy jeans in a special cut to fit.  In my teenage years, I was what I thought was an average sized girl (size 7) .  When I was in college, I gained some weight, but still wore a size 7.  I was still much larger then both my mother and my sister, they were both a size 0, they would joke with me and call me “big boned”.

I have thick skin, so in no way did that bother me, in fact I used to wear a cartman shirt that said “I’m not fat I’m big boned.”  I always thought in my head, I am very healthy though.  So there is some thing to this right?  Being “skinnier” than me doesn’t make you healthier than me, where on the other side being “fatter” than me doesn’t mean I am healthier than you.

My whole life I have had a line from an Eagles song on constant repeat in my head “your mommas too thin and your daddy’s too fat, get over it”!  My mom has been very tiny as long as I can remember and my Dad has been overweight my whole life.  The thing I have never been worried about anyone’s actual size or shape, I want them to be healthy.  My husband is what he calls “chubby” and I could care less.  We have six kids who come in all different shapes and sizes.

When we can’t keep up with our kids or our kids can’t keep up with each other, that’s when we have a problem.  I work hard to keep my family healthy.  To have healthy snacks in the house, encouraging them to exercise and not play video games all day, drinking lots of water instead of juice and soda.  They are kids, so they deserve treats, but in moderation.  I model this for my children.

I drink nearly 100 ounces of water every day.  When choosing a snack, I almost always eat a piece of fruit.  I eat 3 meals a day.  I exercise and love being active with them.  Even though it isn’t something I would say I am good at, I cook most of our meals.  I make veggies that my kids don’t always like, but they have to try.  I incorporate other ingredients outside of their comfort zone, but in an effort to expose them to new healthy choices.   I am healthy and for the most part so is my family.

When at any time you use your size as an excuse to not participate in activities, when you get light headed, short of breath or extremely tired from every day activity, maybe it doesn’t matter what size you are because you probably aren’t “healthy”.  Healthy comes in all shapes and sizes.  So does unhealthy!

Next time you look at yourself in the mirror and think I wish I were thinner or I really want to be skinny.  Ask yourself this, are you healthy?   If you aren’t healthy yet, but are working on it, please don’t look in the mirror and beat yourself up.  Instead look at the things that you do like, point out the things that are changing, the positive effects of your hard work.

I have always liked to think that when given an option to describe my body type, you know like check a box situation, (I am thinking about on dating sites, I met my husband online so this is something I know about) I fall under the “athletic” category.  I would say that is still true and I think that word sounds wonderfully healthy.  At 34, after having 3 kids, I am a size 8.  This must just be the size my body is meant to be when its healthy!

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Wife, Mother, Step Mom, Control Freak. 7 years into my second marriage and dedicated to making my home a chemical free safe haven <3

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