My Dad, My First Boyfriend

“The only man a girl can depend on is a daddy.” Quote from Grease.

Today is my Dads birthday, so it seemed only fitting to make my blog about him.  To explain all the reasons why this quote is so true for me.  To bring some attention to the fact that my Dad, is the BEST Dad for me.

My Dad is turning 58 today.  I want to reflect on the things he has accomplished as far as I can see.  So, be mindful these facts might be distorted somehow, as they are my truths about him.

First of all, my dads childhood left a few things to be desired, but without getting into the skeletons in the closet (all families have them right), we will just say that he is definitely stronger because of it.  He grew up with my grandparents and three brothers, when he was young they lived in Detroit.  Living in Detroit was difficult for him, but he was more concerned about his younger brothers.  At a youngish age, I think like 12 or 13, he told my grandparents they needed to get out, because it was getting too bad for his brothers to make it.

I am sure I am getting that story wrong, but in my head that is the very perfect story to share for you to get a picture in your head of the man my dad is.  Always caring about others before himself.  Making sure that his family is taken care of above ALL others.

My Mom and Dad met at church, started as friends and then fell in love.  After many obsticles jumped in their way, my moms family moving to Canada and my Dad moving to Georgia, they made their way back to each other in Michigan and have now been married for 37 years.  

Now, unfortunately for my Dad he had two daughters.  One of them being me, the loud, wonderful, smart Ass that I am; I was the closest thing to a son that my Dad had for 26 years.  Because of this though, my Dad and I butt heads ALL THE TIME, we still do.  We sit and have an amazing time together, but if I EVER disrespect my Mother, he will go to bat for her every time.

My Dad has worked hard to provide for us his entire life.  From when my Mom found out she was pregnant (other than the whole driving home from the concert after having one too many drinks, up until this very minute he continues to support us in EVERY single way he is able.  Five years ago when I decided to leave my ex, my Dad was the first person I called.  He left work and immediately came to get me.  I am not even sure he knew what to do, he just knew he needed to support me and my kids.

During the first year, through my divorce and a couple months after, my dad and I met for breakfast or coffee nearly once a week.  My Dad never said it to me, but I think he was really worried about my mental stability.  He took the time to check in with my once a week to make sure I was ok, find out what I was doing to move on and what he could do to help me.  Which was A LOT, lots of money, time and energy that my Dad gave to me without asking for anything in return.

I repaid him in dividends, with a son in law that he loves and four more grandchildren for him to spoil.  I wouldn’t have been ready to make those steps in my life had my Dad not supported me the way he did through the hardest year of my life.  I knew then, at 30 that even though there would be other men in my life, my Dad is tops. He is the only man who hasn’t ever lied to me, who always had my best interest at heart and continues to amaze me with his generosity and love for his family.

Happy Birthday Dad.  We are all so lucky to have you, I am so lucky to have you!  You gave me hope and faith when I was so broken, for that I am forever grateful.  Love you! 


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Wife, Mother, Step Mom, Control Freak. 7 years into my second marriage and dedicated to making my home a chemical free safe haven <3

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