My Kids Make Me Proud

We had a busy weekend.  Usually when we have all six kids in the house, we are homebodies.  We may go to the park, have friends over, but for the most part we just relax and spend time together.  This weekend, we had two big plans.  

Saturday late afternoon, we had an anniversary party to go to with family.  We took all six kids.  First off, just getting an invitation to things that include all our children makes us feels blessed.  On top of that when all six kids are awesome while at things like this, we feel even more blessed.  

We were at the anniversary party for 4 hours.  The kids kept busy, ate dinner, played with their cousins and took a million photo booth pictures.  They were kind to everyone, saying please and thank you.  When we left, they all went around and said goodbye to everyone, giving hugs to nearly anyone who wanted one.  They didn’t whine or complain.  They just enjoyed the celebration and the company.

While at the party, I had a conversation with a cousin.  The conversation was basically talking about even though our kids are crazy in our own houses, somehow when we all get together they are always great.  We get compliments on our children’s behavior and the family genuinely enjoys having them around.  We are so fortunate.

Today, my parents took all 8 of us to the Tiger Game.  My parents have 4 season tickets behind the dugout and they purchased the rest of the tickets in the bleachers.  We do this once a year.  The whole event kicks off with nana taking the grandkids to the souvenir shop, everyone picks out one item.  Papa then takes Paul to the craft beer stand to get the four adults a good michigan brew.

We then disburse to our seats.  Each grandchild takes a turn sitting with nana and papa for an inning or so, getting whatever treats and snacks they want purchased for them.  Then we swap out and go back to the bleacher seats.  This absolutely kills my anxiety, it goes through the roof every year before we leave.  Paul is never bothered by it though.  Today it was smooth sailing.

During the 6th inning, while I was sitting with Isaiah, Elijah, Sienna and James, our row was picked for the Little Caesars pizza row.  We were on the big screen and got a whole pepperoni pizza just for the five of us to share.  The kids thought it was so cool, even the 13 year old who doesn’t ever let on that he thinks anything is cool.  

We ate hot dogs and had a soda as soon as we got to the park.  Then the kids all got snacks while sitting with Nana and Papa, other than that they got 1 bag of peanuts and all shared.  They didn’t ask for a million things and they were happy to drink the water and eat the snacks I had packed from home.  They said please and thank you, to all of us.  

I realized when I got home, that I don’t get anxiety because of my kids.  I get anxiety because of me.  When there are too many unknown variables, I panic and my stomach gets upset.  The truth is, for the most part our kids are  pretty good.  We are very lucky.  All six of them made me very proud this weekend while we were out in the world.  They all make me proud every day.


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