For the Health of It

Today marks the end of the second month in a row where I challenged myself to move a minimum of 100 miles.  

Today I logged in miles 114.5 to 119.5.  All of these miles are above and beyond my average daily steps.  These miles were logged by running, walking and biking.  Walking to the park with my kids, running my 5k, Pedaling on the stationary bike at the gym.  I did some on the elliptical and some on the Arc Trainer.  I did some of the miles by myself and some with my kids.  

I made a commitment to myself that I stuck to.  There were mornings that I stayed in bed and didn’t go to the gym.  On those days I made sure to sneak it in some other way.  Walking around a lot more at trainings, mowing the lawn or walking to pick up the kids from school.

Which brings me to my status in the first health challenge that I took on.  April 27th I made the commitment to myself to move EVERY day for 100 days.  Moving above and beyond my normal activity every day.  Whether it was to do some physical chores inside or outside the house, play with my kids at the park or gardening at work.  Today marked Day 65 of that challenge and I have kept up.

Tomorrow starts a new month.  For July I am challenging myself to move 125 miles.  I am also starting to train for a half marathon that I will be running in October.  I have done two before, but nearly 6 years ago.  Being mentally prepared to dive back into this type of race training is huge for me.  I haven’t been able to find the motivation or heart for this type of challenge since before my divorce.

My husband has been encouraging this madness the whole time.  The early alarm wake ups, me rolling out of bed before him, paying for my gym membership among countless other things.  When I spoke to him about running the half marathon, he said of course you should do it.  I told him I would want him there with me when I cross the finish line, it is VERY important to me this happens.  He promised he would be.  His promise to me is enough to encourage me to keep going.

I just want to encourage and motivate my friends and their friends.  Even if your goal is to move 2 miles more than you did last month.  Whether it is 25 or 225 miles.  Whatever that looks like for you.  If you haven’t already, come check out the group 100 Miles Monthly.  We had 6 new members add yesterday, gearing up for July!


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