I dropped the ball

I am normally so on top of things that’s it’s almost annoying.  I have 3 paper calendars and 2 computerized calendars going at all times.  I make it my job to know the who, where and what of all things going on in our household.  Well..twice in 1 week I COMPLETELY dropped the ball.

Let’s start with last Thursday.  Last day of the work week before the long holiday weekend.  People had been asking me all day at work what my plans for the weekend were.  We had invited friends over for dinner and then to go to fireworks with us that night.  Other than that, very low key and relaxed.  

Paul and I got out of work Thursday afternoon, got the kids, came home with a pizza dinner and waited for our friends to arrive.  Our kids kept bouncing around chanting about the fireworks.  We sat out on the porch chatting, while the kids ran off some energy.  At about 8:45 we jumped in our cars and headed over to the Fireworks.  We were on our way there, about a mile down the road, when it hits me……its July 2nd and the fireworks are July 3rd.

WHAT?  I look up at my husband and say this out loud.  He then pulls into a gas station, I hop out to tell our friends and we all have a good laugh.  Everyone except the kids that is….they were not amused.  I spent the rest of the night apologizing to them.  They were so disappointed.  Luckily, Paul had my back, because I could have cried.  Paul told them, hey Mom very rarely mixes things up like this, give her a break.

That whole day because of the long weekend and having Friday off, I had been thinking it was July 3rd and that the 4th was Friday.  That was the day that I had off and with no real plans, I just never thought about it.  I can’t believe that it dawned on me a mile down the road.  Ugh….so ball drop number 1.

Fast forward to yesterday.  I get a text from a friend at 2:15, saying “hey sitting at Miller and they aren’t here yet”. By they, she meant two of my kids.  At least 3 months ago now I registered James and Jordan for sleep away church camp, for July 8 to 10.  I had it on EVERY ONE of my calendars for July 22 to 24. (I have no clue why?) If ever I have had a panic attack, yesterday was as close as I came.

My friend was driving my kids the hour down to camp and was waiting in the school parking lot for my Mom to drop them off to her.  Only my Mom was planning on being there 2 weeks from now.  I had to call my Mom, who already had my kids and luckily wasn’t doing anything.  She got the kids dressed appropriately, in the car and headed to the school to drop off the kids.  My friend waited, more than a half hour after they were supposed to leave.

After work, I had to run home pack each of the kids a bag for their 3 days and 2 nights at camp.  Get their bedding, toiletries and paperwork together.  I had to call all the people that this effected; my husband, my ex husband, the babysitter and my mom.  I was in full on panic, luckily I managed to pull myself together and put everything they needed into their bags.  My mom ran to Target to buy the few things I didn’t have, that I thought I had 2 more weeks to purchase.

In the mean time I received texts from my friend, stating that they had made it to camp.  They were all registered and swimming…in their clothes.  They knew that it was a little mixed up some how, but they were having a great time and couldn’t have cared less that I didn’t remember that they were going, the point was that they were there.

Once my husband arrived home from work, we picked up our youngest and set out to camp.. About an hour away.  My daughter saw me right away as we pulled up.  I picked her up and hugged her so tight, apologizing for my mistake, but she just said “it’s Ok mommy, I’m having fun.”  I didn’t even see my son because he was already too busy with his friends doing camper things. We were there for a total of 5 minutes just to drop off their things and they didn’t care at all.  Ball drop number 2.

I know that I drop balls all the time, that’s what happens when you insist you need to be juggling 1000 all at once.  Most of the time, they are dropped and picked right back up without anyone noticing.  When there is a ripple effect of the ball drop, that’s when it’s easy to beat yourself up about it.  Though in both instances everything ended up just fine.  Most of the time, that is the case.  It’s ok to drop the ball every once in awhile, it’s what you do when it drops that counts.

Published by Making Time For Me

Wife, Mother, Step Mom, Control Freak. 7 years into my second marriage and dedicated to making my home a chemical free safe haven <3

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