My Mid Year Review

While working out this morning,  I realized we are more than half way through the year.  Then I started reflecting on all of the things I wanted to accomplish this year and see if I am in fact in pace to meet those goals. I have daily goals, that flow into monthly goals, that have turned into yearly goals.  

At some point in January I decided to make a reading goal for myself on Goodreads.  I saw that some of my friends were doing it and I thought, I should do this.  I knew that setting a goal, would in fact make me read more because I would want to reach the goal.  Since I have never counted the number of books I have read in a year, I had no idea what a realistic number was.  I set a goal of 50 in a year.  Well, yesterday I checked on my status and found that I have read 53 books so far this year.  Thanks to apps like Hoopla (for my audiobooks) and OverDrive, I have been able to read/listen to 53 books so far this year.

Also in January, I joined a Planet Fitness.  The first gym I have ever belonged to.  A resolution to get up, get moving and stay motivated.  Well it’s July and I am still a member, but more than that I still make my way there at least 3 times a week.  It started just on the treadmill, where I was comfortable.  Now, I do everything.  The elyptical, arc trainer, bikes as well as machines.  It has been a wonderful choice for me.

In April after watching a friend of mine successfully complete 100 days of moving, I decided that I would take on that challenge for myself.  100 days in a row of purposeful movement, something above and beyond just the standard number of steps I take in a day.  Well…its day 80 of that and I can say that I have successfully moved 80 days in a row.  

For May to piggy back on to the 100 day challenge, I decided to join a 100 miles in May group on Facebook.  I had no idea if this was even really obtainable, as I hadn’t ever tracked my monthly miles before.  Toward the end of May I realized I was going to hit my mark and even surpass it a little.  That was when I started the 100 Miles Monthly group on Facebook.  A group for my friends and their friends to encourage each other to move more.  Some of us have a goal of 100 miles a month, other more than that and others less.  

In May I moved over 100 miles, in June I did again and on the 15th of July I am at 55/100 miles.  In June I also took on an arm challenge, I successfully completed that 21 days.  I like the way my arms are looking, so I decided to do it all over again.

Back in May, I also decided to start blogging regularly.  I took a leap and put my shit out there for everyone to read.  For people to like, agree with, hate and argue with.  It’s turned out to be very cathartic for me and I think some people are actually enjoying it.  

Overall, I would say it’s been a pretty good year so far.  Focusing just on me; my mind, my body, my spirit.  In the beginning of the year I was COMPLETELY stressed out, more on edge then I think I’ve ever been.  By making time for Me, I have found a much better way to channel that energy.  Which in turn has made me the best wife, mother, employee and ME I can be. (6 days of not smoking now too)


Published by Making Time For Me

Wife, Mother, Step Mom, Control Freak. 7 years into my second marriage and dedicated to making my home a chemical free safe haven <3

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