My story to share

My plan was to write about this on the 16th, the 5 year Anniversary of when shit hit the fan.  Instead on that day, I relaxed on the couch with Paul.  I thought about all the many reasons why I was right where I was supposed to be and how all the pain was worthContinue reading “My story to share”

Lying to our kids

First off I would like to say this is a topic that I am genuinely interested in some feedback on.  After letting this first sentence sit here for nearly a week without continuing to write, I am marching forth.  This is what I think is one of the more sensitive subjects I have written about,Continue reading “Lying to our kids”

100 Day Challenge

On April 27th, I decided to take on the 100 day challenge.  100 days of moving purposefully.  That 100 days is up today and I decided to reflect back. In the last 100 days I have purposefully moved 353 miles.  These miles included running, walking, elliptical, arc trainer and bike.  Only a few days intoContinue reading “100 Day Challenge”