Worlds of Fun

A couple of months ago while planning our trip to Kansas City my in laws asked if we wanted to take the kids to Worlds of Fun for a day.  Worlds of Fun is an amusement park, owned by the same people as Cedar Point.  Cedar Point is the amusement park my husband and I both grew up going to.

At the time it was mentioned, I thought that the whole thing would just be a giant headache.  All the kids, in all sizes.  Some who could ride some things, others that would want to do other things.  Adults being pulled in all different directions and overall, just an anxiety ridden day.

Two weeks before we left we measured all our kids for one last time.  The oldest two we knew were tall enough for all the rides.  The middle two managed to inch out the 54in mark just in time, then the next just beating 48 inches.  That meant that 5 of our kids could ride nearly EVERYTHING.  There were two big rides that you had to be 54 inches for, that’s it.  Then our baby, made it to 36 inches, meaning he could ride everything in snoopy land and even a few things in the main park.

Mom and Dad had said that they would take care of the babies, ours and our niece in snoopy land while we rode the big kid rides.  We met up a few times for food and a family ride, but for the most part it was five kids and 3 adults.  On the first roller coaster we hit, our two daughters rode in the front!  They were incredible, it was then that I knew our day was going to be awesome.

Sometime after that four of us (me and 3 kids) rode the Steelhawk, a swing ride that takes you 301ft up in the air.  It was crazy amazing.  We hit every roller coaster.  The patriot, which is like the Raptor for you cedar point folk and the Mamba, which is the Magnum.  Without really knowing what we were getting ourselves in to, we went on a ride called the boomerang.  A coaster that takes you frontwards, backwards, and upside down all along the same track.

The middle three kids were fearless the whole time.  The 11, 8 and 7 year old went on everything.  They enjoyed it all and they didn’t complain once.  The 13 year old was not at all interested in going upside down, so he sat out on the patriot along with our 6 year old who was too small for that ride.  However, we didn’t give him a choice on the boomerang, because everyone else was riding it.  He conquered a fear.  Although, he has no interest in going on it again, he knows that he is capable.

Paul said the ride he enjoyed most the whole day was the Mamba.  He rode that with our 6 year old.  She was grabbing his arm across her body the whole time.  Going from crying to screaming and holding on for dear life.  At one point she even said, “I almost just said a bad word.”  As soon as we were off it though, she wanted to go again.

It was a true family bonding day.  Each kids rode with each kid and each adult.  There were more laughs, more screamin and more cuss words than ever before.  We watched as our kids did new things, conquered fears and pushed their limits.  They were awesome.

As we pulled into the parking lot in the morning, our 7 year old said, “is this a dream?”  When I was a kid that was exactly how I felt about my days at an amusement park.  Something so supernatural and superhuman about the flying and soaring you do on roller coasters.  Now the two year old keeps saying, I ride it when I big enough.  We can’t wait!

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