Raising an Adult

Last week sometime I got into a disagreement with with my 7 year old son James.  We were watching tv together, along with my 6 year old daughter.  My daughter had just asked me something, that I answered.  Not more than 2 seconds later, James also asked me something, that had he paid attention toContinue reading “Raising an Adult”

First Therapy Session

So, this whole therapy thing is a pretty good gig.  You answer all these questions on an intake form, from that they can come up with a Million reasons why you may have landed in their office.  They start with the basics, listen to you answer them out loud and pay close attention to howContinue reading “First Therapy Session”

My Mental Health

Here it is.  My confession, my fresh start and perhaps the beginning of my mental health chronicles. About a month ago now, I made a choice that changed the direction of my life.  With the help, support and guidance of my husband, along with a referral from an old friend, I made a phone call.Continue reading “My Mental Health”

Nothing to Prove

I woke up this morning having made the decision to not do the run Sunday.  After weeks of trying to talk myself into it, make myself feel differently about it, I have just accepted it.  I WILL NOT be downtown on Sunday running 13.1. One of the things that I love most about this platformContinue reading “Nothing to Prove”