Thanksgiving Traditions

Every Monday my boss sends out a Monday Morning Email.  It is to jumpstart our entire week.  Sometimes we are asked to respond to a certain question.  This week the question was, “do you have any Thanksgiving Traditions”.  I responded with my real answer to this question, an answer that I have been holding onto […]

Christmas from the Parents Perspective

When you have 6 children, who live in 4 different households the thought of Christmas can be extremely overwhelming.  Every single year, it gets more and more difficult. 8 years ago, Christmas of 2007 when I had just 1 kid, no problem.  He was 1 month old.  I could have gotten away with buying as […]

It’s Sunday, lets press EVERY button

I had the craziest Sunday that I have had in so long.  I felt like I was outside of my body for some of it.  Like all the kids were playing some kind of practical joke on me. After waking up to like 6 inches of snow on the ground, we had to make the […]

My Fourth Therapy Session

Alright, so upon completing blogs about my first 3 sessions, I realized that I have left out a couple of important to me details about the series of events. The first of these is the personality of my therapist.  While working to get a referral, my friend offered up a couple of different people.  I […]