Pure Imagination

This Halloween was one for the books.  It also was about a year in the making.  Our youngest Noah, fell in love with the Movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  He watched it nearly every day, for months. Both the old one with Gene Wilder and the newer one with Johnny Depp.

Noah would sing the songs and walk around the house talking about going to the chocolate factory.  Then, he started using grocery receipts as golden tickets, collecting every one he could to hand out to his family. “You get a golden ticket to come to the chocolate factory” he would say.

As this first started, I saw Noah as Charlie.  When he was talking about going to the chocolate factory or his golden tickets, I just assumed in his imagination he was pretending to be Charlie.  Then as days turned into weeks, into months I realized he was pretending to be Wonka.

Earlier in the spring, I told Paul if he is still interested in this around his birthday, we should have a Wonka themed party.  His birthday is October 12.  As time went on, that transformed itself into a wonderful themed family Halloween idea.  Since Halloween fell on a Saturday this year, we could potentially have all 6 of our kids.

After confirming with the other parents, that we could in fact have the kids for Halloween we started planning who would be who.  Noah, made the call.  He had a plan, he knew who should play each character, because it was all how he saw it in his head.

Noah, of course would be Wonka.  Then Jordan, Veruca Salt (perfect for her personality, although she was a little bitter).  Sienna would be Violet, Violet you’re turning Violet, Violet.  James would be Mike TV, which he loved, the boy who loves TV.  Elijah, August Gloop, the boy who falls in the chocolate.  Then, Isaiah would be Charlie.  Which, I don’t think is any coincidence. His “Q”, would be the most loveable character in the story.  Paul and I would be Oompa Loompas.

On Saturday, Noah’s dream came to fruition.  The most handsome little Wonka that you ever did see.  He had golden tickets to hand out as he saw fit.  The best part of the evening was when, out of nowhere he reached out to 2 middle schoolers and handed them Golden Tickets.  I thought, oh goodness, please let them be nice.  They looked down at Noah and said “thank you”, then they ran down the street yelling “we have golden tickets.”

Noah’s imagination turned into one great Halloween.  The perfect costumes for a family of 8.  We all enjoyed ourselves very much.  A Halloween that our 3 year old will certainly never forget.

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