Why I stay Strong

Life is hard. ..it’s real F***ing hard.   I know it isn’t only hard for me.  There have to be other people that feel like this (like all the people EVER).   Though,  remarkably not enough that just say it out loud.
No matter your age,  your status (economic,  job,  martial or otherwise), or mental health,  life is hard.   It is hard work,  work that I intentionally give my all in nearly every day.
There have been hours,  days, weeks and months that have been much more difficult than others.
It is easy to feel anxious,  depressed,  unsure and even unaware.   Finding reasons to push through,  pull yourself up and dust yourself off seem to be the keys to making it through the tough times.
I have found many reasons to pull myself up on numerous occasions.   Myself,  my family,  my friends,  my job and God.  All of these give me the strength (as long as I remember to take a minute to focus on them) to keep going.
In most recent years,  my children are why I keep going.   They give me the motivation to work harder,  smarter and stronger.  I want to show them that with love and support you can make your way through anything.
Looking at their faces,  thinking of them while they are away and focusing on what I want them to be remembering about their time with me.
Even when I’m tired, angry or scared,  they give me reasons to give them my best.  I want them to never question how much I love them, think about me with positive thoughts and look forward to the next time they will see me.
Life is hard work,  but to me it’s all worth it.   My kids,  my husband,  family & friends,  my career and my church.   The short list of what I’m thankful for and the reasons I stay strong every day.


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Wife, Mother, Step Mom, Control Freak. 7 years into my second marriage and dedicated to making my home a chemical free safe haven <3

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