Wife, Mom, Stephanie

When I’m not happy,  no one else is either!
I’m not good at hiding my frustration or my excitement.   I can not ignore disappointment just like i can not hold back praise of accomplishment.
When I was in my “working through divorce” workshop nearly 5 years ago now,  they made it a point to tell us how the hierarchy of marriage should go. God, husband,  kids,  yourself!   Let’s put God over on a shelf.
Husband,  kids then yourself.   In theory that is all fine and dandy.   The thought being that the husband always comes before the kids because without him you 1. May not have the kids or 2. Wouldn’t be the parent that you are.   So,  if he comes first, then you are more likely to be unified and therefore the parenting comes easier.
Obviously there are exceptions to all rules.  This is just some basic framework for a typical situation.  
When I thought about this for the first time and as I think about it now,  I completely get it.   I know that I didn’t do that like EVER in my first marriage.   My kids were my world, I always wanted to be a mom.   Reflecting on it,  being a wife took a backseat.   Further more,  being Stephanie wasn’t a priority at all.
Slowly but surely,  I had lost myself.   What did I like to do,  how was I taking care of my heart and soul?   I had started my 20s so strong and somehow lost sight of who it was I wanted to be.
Now being a wife and a mother is still VERY important and most of the time those jobs come first.
The me time typically comes first thing in the morning.   Before the other jobs start.   Going to the gym and Blogging.  Those have fueled my soul over the last year.   Hobbies that I enjoy and are only about me.
I need to take this time for me,  so that the rest of the time I can be the best wife and mother possible.   I love my life,  I love all the roles I play.   I live my life to take care of the people in my household, including myself!


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Wife, Mother, Step Mom, Control Freak. 7 years into my second marriage and dedicated to making my home a chemical free safe haven <3

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