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Negativity is a B****

We all have friend,  family member,  co-worker or aquaintance who always sees the glass half empty.   Unfortunately,  sometimes it is really easy to get sucked into it.   To even fuel the fire yourself.   What good can this possibly do?
There is enough hatred in the world,  enough polar opposite opinions,  why dive head first into a conversation consumed by negativity that doesn’t mean anything?
It really is everywhere.   Paul and I just had a conversation the other day about people who feel the need to post overwhelmingly negative comments on other people’s Facebook posts.   Didn’t your parents teach you,  if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all?   What in the world makes you think that your opinion is so important,  you should crush someone else because of it?
This happens constantly now and days.   It seems that simply stating that you like something or are standing for something,  is grounds for strangers from across the nation to pick you apart.
Hey, here is a news flash. ..we are all different.   That is what makes the world go round.   I like different things than you do,  which is going to make it so entrepreneurs are going to keep developing new ideas, new television shows all be created and new beer will be brewed.   
There are some REALLY big deal things happening in the United States and around the world.   Let’s focus on bringing light to those events,  instead ripping each other to shreds over beer choice and movie interest.
Who cares why people enjoy what they enjoy?  Most of the time,  it has absolutely no effect on my life or yours.   Resist the urge to put in your two cents if there is no benefit or positivity coming from it.   Just plain old stop yourself!
We don’t have to participate in the negativity.   If you don’t have anything nice to say,  don’t say anything at all.  Try not to be so close minded,  that you can’t even understand how or why anyone could ever have a different opinion than you!


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5 thoughts on “Negativity is a B****”

  1. If everyone just invested some time into living a more positive life for themselves and understand that your positivity spreads to others in amazing ways, what a wonderful world this would be! People need to know positivity spreads just as easily as negativity…


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