Traditionally Nontraditional

I am 35 years old.  Over the years there have been many different “traditions”.  The thing is, because of our blended family lifestyle no two years look the same.  Sometimes we have multiple kids on Christmas day and others we just have the youngest.  Depending on everything else, we may celebrate the day after Christmas or even the day after that.  So, most of my traditions, involve just me continuing them on!

Ever since I can remember sometime over the holiday season I would watch the movie White Christmas.  My mom and aunt love it, my sister and I have known all the words always.  We still enjoy watching it and sing every single word.  It is such a simple, old, feel good movie that we still absolutely love.

My next favorite tradition is watching the Family Stone.  I don’t remember when this movie came out, maybe 10 years ago.  Ever since then, it has been a holiday must watch.  I tend to put it on while I am decorating the house for the holidays.  It still makes me laugh.  A wonderfully dysfunctional family just trying to keep it all together, isn’t that what the Holidays are really all about?

A newer tradition that I look forward to every year is receiving a sweater.  For our first Christmas together, Paul bought me a sweater.  I remember thinking how wonderful it is was that he bought me an article of clothing. It was the right size and exactly something that I would love to wear.  Every year since, he has bought me a sweater.  I look forward to that one gift each Christmas.  It is extremely simple, but has become a tradition for us.

Along with Paul and our relationship came another Christmas tradition.  We go to his Aunt and Uncles house Christmas night.  Each family brings some food, so it is a wonderfully full house with so much to eat.  Paul has many many aunts, uncles and cousins.  I have a much smaller family, so I love being married into this great big one!  Each year on Christmas night we head over, with whatever children happen to be at our home.  It doesn’t matter if it is 1 or 6, because everyone is welcome.  This simple, relaxed tradition is something that I really look forward to.

Ironically, our Christmas is traditionally nontraditional.  We have to switch up the specifics every single year.  That is just what we have to do in order to celebrate with all of our children.  So, these few things that I can count on, make it easier to not have our children in our house on Christmas Day.




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Wife, Mother, Step Mom, Control Freak. 7 years into my second marriage and dedicated to making my home a chemical free safe haven <3

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