Reflecting with my Hubby

Over the last two weekends Paul and I have been able to spend some time out without the kids.
These opportunites truly are few and far between.  We always enjoy the chance to spend time as husband and wife.
Last week it was Paul’s company Christmas party.   We were uncertain about what to expect since he just started 3 months ago.  Also,  this was the first time this company had invited spouses and his old company didn’t invite spouses.   This was our first work Christmas party together.
We had a wonderful time.   Spending quality time together,  getting to know a couple friends better and meeting coworkers I’d only heard about.  I enjoy events like this.   Talking to people,  whether I know them or not,  is fun for me.
Now,  I know that my husband loves me,  but I’m also VERY aware that I’m a bit much sometimes.   However,  that evening after his Christmas party he gave me a huge hug.   He told me that he loved me so much and felt so proud to introduce people to me at the party.   He told me this multiple times,  I told him to remember all those kind words in the future when he hates the things I’m doing, LOL.
This past weekend we went to Paul’s cousins birthday party.   We had a wonderful time,  as we always do with his family.   After we got home,  again he gave me a huge hug and told me how much he loved me.   I said in just a couple weeks,  we will have been married 4 years.  For both of us,  that’s a record.  
He said this year has turned out pretty good.   At the beginning of the year it would have been easy to think it was the worst year ever.   Being forced to move out of your home around the holidays will do that to you.   However,  we have both grown a lot this year.   Personally for me,  working on myself inside and out.  Then for Paul,  professionally.   Switching jobs,  becoming a manager and really loving it.
We have been blessed this year.   Paul and I have been through big ups and downs,  but at the end of the day we never give up.   Not on the world and not on each other.  


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