Strong Women

Women are so incredibly strong.  Though, some have it so completely wrong.  Why do we spend so much time trying to tear each other down, instead of building each other up?  Making others look bad, usually just ends up making you look bad!

So, instead maybe you point out the good.  That woman who is at the grocery store and her son his throwing a temper tantrum (I don’t know why, but it does seem like it is ALWAYS a son, not a daughter), maybe you offer her a nice smile instead of a judgmental look.  Maybe just maybe, she is letting her kid cry it out and even though that is annoying to you, its the only way she can get her shopping done.

Having BABIES!!!  Ok, so this is the way that women are strong that men can’t even possibly understand and from EVERY aspect.  Whatever your route, I say you are incredible strong.  From the women who finds out that they can’t have biological children and decide to go through surrogate, fostering or adoption.  That takes a strength, I’m not sure I would have and I think it is amazing.  The pregnant mamma’s who just assume be put under during the whole labor and delivery thing, or choose a scheduled c-section.  Your body still did the most amazing thing for 9 months, you created this little being and that is beautiful.  Lastly to the mother who pushed through labor and delivery with no drugs.  Wearing a badge of courage and strength that some don’t understand and some judge them for.

Fighting for relationships through abuse and infidelity. Trying to work your way through to a happier, healthier other side. Or maybe having the strength to pick up and leave. Making a life on your own, being single and still raising your family. Walking through life with a smile, when your insides are broken.

Women go through a constant strand of hypocrisy and double standards. We shouldn’t eat too much because then we are unattractive pigs, but if we eat too little we are anorexic bitches.  Keeping our mouth shut, should be a priority we wouldn’t want to embarrass you or heaven forbid speak loudly.  Maybe we should just sit here and have no opinion at all, just nod and smile along!  We work our asses off outside the house and we are trying too hard, if we make more money than you ,then we should back down because “what would people think?”  You work harder than us and it is a constant, do you know how long and hard I worked today, I can’t fill in the blank…(cook, clean, take care of the kids)  Most of the women that I know work just as hard as their male counter parts outside of the house and then do nearly everything inside.  Strength, pure strength doing all that they can to make their family and home work.  Not resting until everything is taken care of, putting themselves last nearly all the time.

Our brains are constantly working.  They don’t shut off just because we aren’t at work anymore.  To many of us, we are always at work.  There are always things that need to be done and not because someone told us “we should, we need to or we have to”, but because we can see the needs of our family and we want to meet them.  Making sure laundry gets done, grocery shopping so that our cupboards and fridge are stocked and reminding the kids to bathe and brush their teeth.

Here’s to you, you strong women.  If you are a woman, who finds yourself reading this and you think “oh that is not me”, I bet it is!  I bet that you have gone through something, whether in your past or present that took its toll on you.  Something that knocked you down, something that you didn’t think you could come back from.  Maybe it took months or years to figure it out, maybe you are still working to fight through it.  That is the strength.  Being able to recognize and grow from it!


Published by Making Time For Me

Wife, Mother, Step Mom, Control Freak. 7 years into my second marriage and dedicated to making my home a chemical free safe haven <3

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