Negativity is a B****

We all have friend,  family member,  co-worker or aquaintance who always sees the glass half empty.   Unfortunately,  sometimes it is really easy to get sucked into it.   To even fuel the fire yourself.   What good can this possibly do? There is enough hatred in the world,  enough polar opposite opinions,  why dive head first intoContinue reading “Negativity is a B****”

Wife, Mom, Stephanie

When I’m not happy,  no one else is either! I’m not good at hiding my frustration or my excitement.   I can not ignore disappointment just like i can not hold back praise of accomplishment. When I was in my “working through divorce” workshop nearly 5 years ago now,  they made it a point to tellContinue reading “Wife, Mom, Stephanie”

Therapy Session #6

I went nearly 1 month between session 5 and 6.  Due to work and scheduling conflicts, it’s just didn’t work out to go see her for awhile. It felt really good to see her and catch up.  Then in the same instance, it felt good to go nearly a month and have no big hurdlesContinue reading “Therapy Session #6”

Losing Friends because of Life

I hold this sadness in the pit of my stomach.  It has been there for 3 1/2 years.  I still think about it every day, dream about it and get upset about it. Three and a half years ago, I lost the best group of friends I had ever had.  We had been friends forContinue reading “Losing Friends because of Life”

Take time to be Thankful

November is for many, the month of thanks.  For the last five years or so, I have gone through the month being specifically thankful for an individual thing each day on Facebook. After November it seems, for most people being thankful kind of just falls by the wayside.  At least on that public platform.  Continue reading “Take time to be Thankful”

Therapy Session #5

My homework, we talked about my homework for most of this session.  The sheet is called confrontation letter guidelines.  On this sheet there are four statements.  Statements that were supposed to navigate a conversation with Matt.  I would not actually be reading this letter out loud to him, but rather be using it to focusContinue reading “Therapy Session #5”

Stop complaining and DO something

I have had quite a few conversations with people about this particular topic in the past.  For some reason though, it has been brought up multiple times in the last few days.  So, I decided to write my feelings about it. I have a very limited bullshit tolerance.  I have an extremely hard time hearingContinue reading “Stop complaining and DO something”

Last month of the year

In case you have been hiding somewhere and didn’t realize it, it is now December 1st.  The first day of the last month of the year.  With that being said, what were you supposed to accomplish this year? You know what I am talking about!  Sometime between December 31st and January 1st of last year,Continue reading “Last month of the year”