Pregnancy, Parenting & Abortion

Friends and Followers….a Fellow Blogger started this site and is just trying to get it up and running. I am a contributing author, but we need followers and more contributing writers. Please click the link and follow Pregnancy, Parenting & Abortion Let’s make this site a wonderful place for parents of all kinds to come,Continue reading “Pregnancy, Parenting & Abortion”


The dictionary defines Doubt as “A feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction.” I know very little of this doubt, feeling uncertain or having a lack of conviction. Instead I choose to believe.  I choose to believe that I can, that I will and I am able. Doubt can crush a person.  It can holdContinue reading “NO DOUBT”

Just One Chapter

The other day I read a quote on Facebook and it really struck me, so I knew I needed to use it as blog inspiration. The quote went something like this, “sometimes you don’t get to keep everything you started out with.” This quote made me think of one of my favorite songs by theContinue reading “Just One Chapter”

What do you think…All Around the World

OK, so one of my favorite stats to see every day is the “Countries” viewed in stat.  I get excited when it is anything outside of the United States. Sorry friends in the United States, I certainly appreciate your following and reading, so Please please please continue to. However, when I see a new andContinue reading “What do you think…All Around the World”

Monday Check-In 1/25

OK, so again I owe so many thanks to all of you readers for the success of my Blog this past week. I enjoy coming on here, writing and seeing all the comments, likes and posts for my fellow bloggers.  What a wonderful community; full of love and support from all around the world. SometimeContinue reading “Monday Check-In 1/25”