A Life Lived Better

Flashback Friday…a little love to a post from back in July!


Making Time For Me

No one can change your life perspective but you. The things you decide to let bother you, the people you bring into your life, the adventures that you choose to embark on. As an adult, all of these things are on you.

I get pretty sick and tired of people constantly complaining about things, but not taking the steps to change them. Always waiting for someone else to take the stand. We are grown ups people and at least from where I sit, our voice and choice are the best parts of being adults.

Is it easy? No, not always. It does absolutely get easier. The more you find your voice and use it, the more confident you become in yourself and the more comfortable you become. Letting others know how you feel is important. They may not always understand, they may not always be able to help you, but…

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