Monday Check-In 1/11

Unlike most people, I don’t tend to dread Monday’s.  I like schedule, I like routine and I like the things that I have chosen to do with my life.  I look forward to going to work, nearly every single day and I look forward to my evenings on the couch with my husband.  Everything in between is icing on the cake.

My alarm went off at 445 this morning and I jumped out of bed.  My bag was all ready to go, I changed into my gym clothes and headed out.  It was cold, there was snow on my car, but that didn’t stop me.  About 25 minutes on the arc trainer and 280 calories burned, nearly 75 pages of my book and a nice mix of tunes on classic rock BBQ Pandora radio.  Then home to make coffee and blog!  All part of my routine.

While the coffee was brewing and when I changed out of my gym clothes, I stepped on the scale.  Judgement time, had the steps I have taken in the last week really mattered or not so much?  I am down 1.6lbs.  Then, I did my measurements, because after all this is what I really care about.  Both arms, hips, waist, chest and both thighs, I lost 6 inches in the last week.  Woo Hoo!

I went to the gym 4 times last week.  Taking the weekend off, like I normally do.  Still, Paul and I went out both Friday and Saturday night.  I ate pizza Friday night for dinner and had 3 pints of craft beer.  Then on Saturday we went out to a birthday party and again I had some beers.  I am NOT going to deprive myself.  I will work out strictly so I can enjoy myself, my life, food and beer.  Even if it means I never lose weight, simply maintain.  

So enough about the last week of my health journey.  

My blog stats have been off the charts for me over this last week and I couldn’t be happier!  I now have 38 followers on WordPress, which is like 15 more then I started the year with.  I was accepted to be a guest blogger for a page in February.  BlogHer accepted me as a social media influencer.  A new blog about parenting was started by a fellow blogger and I was accepted as an author on that site.  I also reached 100 likes yesterday.  All good things.  

Happy Monday!

socialmediainfluencer screenshot_2016-01-10-19-07-35.pngscreenshot_2016-01-07-19-31-45.png

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