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What do you think about…Making a Murderer?

After my husband and I finished watching this series, I knew I had to write a blog about it.  What better day than Tuesday, because I really want to know what other people are thinking.  If you haven’t watched it yet, don’t continue reading.  I don’t want to spoil anything about this series for you.

I really want your opinion on the Manitowoc County officials, as well as the other officers involved, but also a reaction as to if you think Steven Avery and/or Brendan Dassey are in fact innocent or guilty?

I am not going to post my opinion on that just yet, but talk about the way everything went down instead.

As this show went on, I couldn’t decide if it was more hilarious or disturbing.

Assuming that either of the two men are guilty, then they certainly went to great lengths and extremes to cover up some things.  But then stashed the car at the Averys business?  They were smart enough to poor bleach all over the garage floor, so much so that we then actually cracked through the pavement just to see if some blood may have dripped through a crack?  Come on.  Five months go by, then out of nowhere in plain view are the victims keys, just lying in the bedroom on the floor.  Those keys then miraculously ONLY have Steven Averys fingerprints, not any of the victims when they are supposedly her keys?

Now assuming that either of both of the two men are innocent and being framed, why in the world was the Manitowoc County police department able to get away with such disgraceful, agonizing, sad events?  I don’t care who you are and whether you think that Brendan Dassey is guilty or not, that 6+ hour interview, without a lawyer was disgusting.  Not to mention all of the little things the rest of the drawings, wordplay and manipulation allowed and demanded by officers.

Paul and I spent the majority of the weekend watching it.  We had previously watched a couple of episodes, but so many people were talking I knew we needed to finish it.

I believe that both of those men are innocent.  It broke my heard that both of them ended up sentenced for such long periods of time, but especially Brendan.  Regardless of if they are or not though, there is no way that county officials should be allowed to get away with the things they did.   End of story.

That being said, I sure hope Netflix has a plan to make more series about similar stories because it was super intriguing and eye opening.

Alright, if you have watched, what did you think?  Innocent, guilty or otherwise.


2 thoughts on “What do you think about…Making a Murderer?”

  1. I’m still torn after finishing the series! The two interrogations when they get Brendan Dassey’s “confessions” make me sick. It should be a crime for police to do that with a minor or with a person who doesn’t fully understand. However, someone at that house did something. I think a lot of the other things were planted but the human remains? After he admittedly had a bonfire? Thats the only part I can’t get past in questioning his guilt. And I can’t help but think if it wasn’t Steven Avery, it was his sister’s husband and/or her other son. I feel like I need to attend a book club to discuss this series fully lol.

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  2. I believe they are both innocent. The manipulation by the cops was insane and made my stomach turn. The sleazy lawyers from the state prosecutors. The way people hated the Avery family just because. It all made me sick. I grew to completely dislike Mike Halbach.

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