#MakingTimeForMe, Thursday's Thoughts

This one is for you….

Hey you, yea you.  I know that you have had a rough week.  Things have been hard and we are miles apart.  

I can’t be at your side like I always want to be.  Instead we have had to settle for phone calls and texts.  Unfortunately most of the messages this week haven’t been happy.

My heart is heavy for you, my prayers and love are with you.  Given the chance my arms will be around you soon.  

You have needed a lot from others this week.  We so willing give it because you give so much of yourself to us regularly.  It is OK, we can carry the weight now, we can carry the weight as long as you need us to.  I only wish that there was more that we could do.

I went to bed sad for you, woke up in the middle of the night thinking about you.  I want to see you, to hold you and tell you in person how much I love you!



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