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My Monday Check-In 1/18

This has been an incredible week for my Blog.

I am pretty sure last week was my best week ever statistically speaking.  524 views, where on a typical week before I was landing between 100 and 200.

92 likes and 20 comments.  I had only had 19 comments total in all of 2015. Tikeetha T @ http://www.athomaspointofview.com had me as a guest blogger on Friday.  It was an honor.  She showed me so much love, I ended up at 50 followers by Friday afternoon.  Then she so willing shared my blog post about hitting 50 followers, then even more of her followers came over to my page.  My favorite blogging moment this far.  Thank you again!

As of right now I am at 75 followers on WordPress, I was at 19 when the New Year started.  It also needs to be mentioned that I have 66 friends and family who follow my blog posts on my Facebook Page “Making Time For Me.”  Thank you!

Over the weekend I rebooted 2 amazing blogs written about adultery.  Thank you @ http://www.marriagerecoveryblog.wordpress.com for allowing me to share “Adultery is Abuse.”   Also, @ http://www.tomeganfromme.wordpress.com for allowing me to share your blog “To Megan.”

My blog was read in 20 different countries.  Looking at that stat is what intrigues me the most.  I think it is so cool.  A huge shout out to whomever is in Uganda, Israel and the United Arab Emirates reading my blog.

2016 has been absolutely incredible for my blog.  Thank you all for your support, interest and really just stopping by on the regular.

I can’t wait to see what happens this week.


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