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Monday Check-In 1/25

OK, so again I owe so many thanks to all of you readers for the success of my Blog this past week.

I enjoy coming on here, writing and seeing all the comments, likes and posts for my fellow bloggers.  What a wonderful community; full of love and support from all around the world.

Sometime on Saturday I went up over 100 followers and as of right now I am at 122.  So exciting.  Sometime yesterday,

Featured Bloggers 1/24/16: Networking 101

posted me as a featured blogger!  Thank you!

I was fortunate enough to have one 1 absolutely hillarious blog post to Share on Saturday and one that really hit home for me on Sunday.  Thank you

https://myleastfavoritechildtoday.wordpress.com                 https://survivingandthrivingmamablog.wordpress.com

for allowing me to share your words.

At a whooping 629 view last week, I certainly surpassed any week prior.

OH yea, I forgot to mention that I was nominated for the “Liebster Award” by the wonderful https://yourenotaloneinthisworld.wordpress.com

So, be looking out for that post shortly.

Thank you all again.  For liking, commenting, sharing my posts, but most of all for just reading!


9 thoughts on “Monday Check-In 1/25”

    1. Thank you. I know I have much to learn, especially from you!! However, the fact that you read my blog makes me super happy. I have realized that the more you shout out and spread the love on here, the more it comes back to you!!

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