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3 Day Quote Challenge Day 2

I was nominated for the 3 day Quote Challenge by the Fabulous Tikeetha Thomas who I believe was truly my first blogging friend!  She took a chance on me when I had less than 20 followers and allowed me to guest blog on her page (she has well over 1,000) followers and she has been giving me huge shout outs ever since then.  Follow that link and go read her blog, she has wonderful insight into so many things.  The least I can do is repay her back by participating in this challenge.

As part of this challenge you have to post a quote daily for 3 days and recommend 3 bloggers each day to participate. Simple huh?

For this challenge I have decided to choose 3 different quotes from music that speak to me!

 “Here comes the sun, and I say It’s alright.  Little darling, the smiles returning to the faces, little darling it seems like years since its been here.”

My Dad and I danced to Here Comes The Sun by the Beatles at my wedding to Paul.  After a failed marriage, a divorce and a very rough year, I had fun my sun again.  The smiles was returning to the faces, of me and my children.  I have always loved the Beatles and I thank my Dad for that love.  This song was the perfect song for us to dance to at my wedding that gave me new life.  This song is beautiful and the quote still brings tears to my eyes.

Today I nominate:

Aspiring Blue Cat

Teacup Talk






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