Thursday Teenager Spotlight 2/11

So, this is the first of my series, What is it like to be a Teenager in 2016?  Thank you to everyone who has responded so far.  I will be posting one Teenager guest blog every Thursday until I run out of posts.  So, here goes nothing!!!  Our first Guest Blogger is Mahjabeen on Awesomeideas2003

Hello, everyone!!!!Thanks sooooooo much to stephanie, for inviting me to do a guest post on her beautiful and great blog. I am so happy to get the opportunity, and really really greatful, like, stephanie you are just baeEmoji…….great things have been coming to me in a series, this week, and I am just so happy, so pardon my eccentricity (if that’s even a word)
OK, so my name is Mahjabeen, and I am 12 years old. You may not count me as a teenager, btu trust me, I act like any teen, especially when I have an extreme case of any feeling or emotion, good or bad!!I live in London, and I am in year 8. I guess the American equivalent would be grade 7, but anyways, its just basically the class for 12-13 year old students.
I think that there is a fairly large difference between teenagers now, and teenagers back in the day, around 20 years ago. Our society is a lot different, we have social media and technology, which gives us a lot of freedom-I don’t have a lot of that, I am not even allowed a mobile, because my parents don’t trust me, which really sucks.MOST teens do tho, and yeah, Instagram is whats hot and trending for us at the moment!!-Oh, yeah and don’t forget snapchat!!!EmojiEmoji😀 We also don’t have to dial up an internet, I learnt in geography last week, when this generations adults were younger, they had to DIAL and internet, like, LOL!!!our teacher showed us on a youtube video, the sounds it made, it sounded like a landing flying UFO ship!!!!!Otherwise, there isn’t much difference really, i think, cos’, like, we all behave the same, we are just from a different time.
Lots of adults say that teenagers are grumpy, moody, rebelling, nasty people, we are not!!! Yes, we may be more demanding, but that is because we are maturing in age, and wanting to try new things, and because we are older we will be more sensible.It is also a good idea to know that being told no, just means ‘do it, without that person knowing’. We love freedom, and often don’t get it. We will most likely lie, when you are being over controlling, and stuff like that. It’s really annoying when people interfere in our business.its irritating when people chose our path for us, when it is our choice.judges are bitches.Otherwise, we are very nice people, and are just normal.
thanks for this amazing opportunity, and I have loads of fun doing my first guest post!!!Thanks sooooo much!!!
lots of love,


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