REBLOG:  Do I Really Need to Know Anything about the OW?

I felt like this post really spoke to me.  OW, meaning “other woman”.  Some people don’t have to know the woman who broke up their marriage.  Others, like myself, see them on a weekly basis for nearly 6 years now.  Everyone’s journey is different.

Source: Do I Really Need to Know Anything about the OW?

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21 thoughts on “REBLOG:  Do I Really Need to Know Anything about the OW?

  1. HI,
    I know Jacqueline. I wouldn’t want to know her either.
    I met you at Danny Ray’s Meet and Greet. Maybe you will check out my site if you could use a blogging tip or two. That’s what I blog about. I am also having my own blog party this weekend. I would love it if you came.

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  2. You could already know her…she could be living with you…pretending to be your best friend while she’s fucking your husband…
    And…after you leave your husband and he gets rid of the first one, he picks up a bar-hop and thinks he’s going to be allowed to bring her to your house and sleep with her in your bed…because you long ago refused to let him touch you….and it’s YOUR fault because you didn’t forgive him.
    Would I want to know? I didn’t have a choice.

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      1. Lol. I guess that for me was always the ironic part. I have known my ex since I was 5, we grew up in church together! I knew his entire family. I think that some people just have a spot in their brain where they can turn off morals/ethics/values and become narcissistic psychopaths!


      2. I think that may be true in some cases but when I reflect on Loser and how he was raised….he was treated like he was going to be the next king….even when he finally told his parents what he had done to me (complete with the STD), their reaction was (1) It was MY fault (2) sending him a card that said “we want you to know, you have NEVER done anything that has disappointed us and (3) when he took up with his latest WTC (while still playing husband to me), his mama welcomed her with open arms. THAT….is why Loser is the way he is….he could do no wrong in their eyes and he believed it…and lived it.

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      3. Yes, that is what my ex in-laws did as well. Everything that ever happened to him was someone else’s fault. Him getting kicked out of college, getting multiple DUIs and of course cheating on me. You are absolutely right, his Dad told him that if I wasn’t satisfying him then it wasn’t his fault that he went somewhere else. Which makes me think, he too has probably cheated in his marriage. It does worry me, wondering if my kids will grow up with the same mind set he did or if I’m doing a good enough job raising them, that they will know better.


      4. I had a talk with my son and begged him not to be like Loser…which, fortunately, he isn’t. He’s just fucked up beyond all repair because of Loser. He’s a drunk with absolutely no sense of self-worth because the only attention he got from Loser was screaming and hitting. I have always thought at least one of my daughters had my sense of values but the other two seem to be like Loser. They have all made fun of me (like Loser) about my “puritan ways.” I don’t know….I did the best I could and it’s really moot now because only one of them still talks to me….again….thanks to Loser.

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      5. I’m really sorry that is how life turned out. My kids with my ex are 8 and 6. They were 2 and 1 when we broke up. So, lucky for me I have a long life ahead of me with them. Due to them being so young when everything happened, they don’t know the real reason why we got divorced. Someday when they ask, I will tell them. Though they love her (the OW), the don’t remember life without her and she loves them and takes really good care of them. Life really slings us some shit sometimes, but after nearly 5 1/2 years, I believe that I am making the best out of what at the time was the worst situation I had ever been through. Good Luck to you and maybe someday your children will come around.


    1. LOL. She is married to my ex. We have kids together, so when I drop the kids off after their time with me…I see her. Every single Sunday afternoon. Things are better now though. We sit next to each other a sporting events, attend dance recitals together and have phone conversations. It is what it is, it is my life and it wasn’t easy at first, but I do what is best for my children

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