#40Notes40Days: Someone who once gave you good advice.

First person that came into my head for today’s topic is my friend Michelle from church.


I have known you as long as I can remember, so I am sure that you have given me all kinds of good advice.  Particularly because you are just a hand full of years older than me, so you had just been through everything that you watched me going through.

“It wasn’t until this morning during a conversation with a dear, lifelong friend that I knew that I could write about this.  That I should write about this.  My mental health is important and it’s OK to talk about.”  This is a quote from my first blog that I wrote about my Mental Health.

Michelle, you were the friend that I was referring to.  It was a Sunday, like any other back in September.  After church service, we went down to the gathering hall like we usually do. Then I came over to say “HI” and we ended up having a 5 minute conversation that changed my point of view.

I opened up to you about starting therapy.  I remember confessing to you that I probably should have gone years ago, but that I just wasn’t “ready” before now.  You looked into my eyes and just smiled at me.

You know the depths of my pain with Matt and my divorce, you have been there every step of the way.  You know all of it so much differently than others because of your lifelong friendship with Matt and his family.  You were always a cheerleader for me, my children and my happiness.  Always checking in to make sure that life was still going well.

I don’t know how often you read my blog (or I guess if you ever do, LOL), so I am not sure that you were aware how much that short conversation meant to me that day.  I will never forget just how fact of the matter you were, “your mental health is important and it’s OK to talk about.”  You probably meant that it was OK that I shared with you at that moment that I started therapy, not necessarily blog for the world to see it.

Though from that Sunday on, I embraced my issues.  I have accepted and will share the fact that at 35 I started going to Therapy.  Therapy to mend things inside me that were broken from a past I had tried so hard to bring myself back from.  Thank you Michelle!

Michelle, I have so many wonderful memories of you and our friendship.  I am very thankful to have you in my corner.  I am very thankful to be able to have very open, candid conversations with you without judgement.  I love you, thank you for the great advice!



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