Thursday Teenager Spotlight 2/18

Here is the 2nd Installment of the Teenage Spotlight!  Thank you again for all the interest. If you read this and our interested in guest blogging on “what its like to be a teenager in 2016”, please connect with me.
Hey I go by DayDreamer52 on My Overflowing Thoughts here on WordPress and I want to start off this post by saying a huge Thank you for letting me guest post on your blog!
So let’s start with a bit about me. I’m a seventeen year old girl from India and I am in grade 12 which is basically my senior year! In this post I want to address what it is like being a teenager in 2016.
Many people say that being a teen will be the best time of your life, but I beg to differ. Being a teen in 2016 isn’t exactly easy. To start with, most adults seem to think that we have it so easy, no problems and no troubles at all. But that’s not true at all. I mean that in this world where everything is displayed all over on social media and people’s personal lives become public, things can get a bit tough. When 10 people seem to be uploading gorgeous selfies on Instagram, you can’t help but compare them to yourself. You want to keep up, you want to be going to as many parties and concerts and wearing as good clothes etc. It can be a lot of pressure! Parents and quite a few adults don’t always understand that. But honestly, what we need to learn is to love ourselves and stop comparing ourselves to others because we’re all perfect in our own ways! (Yes, I know that is a very cliche thing to say, forgive me!)
Another things which is interesting about being a teen today is how we deal with all the sexism, racism, homophobia etc. I’m not saying all this didn’t exist 20 yrs back. All I’m saying is now we are understanding it a little better and are willing to speak out against it. We take to various media platforms such as blogging or social media to express our thoughts and we are much more vocal in real life also. This isn’t meant to be insulting to older generations, all I’m saying is we are much more aware about these issues now!
Being a teen in 2016 is definitely very interesting. It has it’s ups and downs but it’s all a learning experience!

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