#40notes40days: Someone who is part of your chosen family!

Lissa Sue (I know that no one calls you this anymore, but you will always be Lissa to me)-

I don’t remember my life without you in it.  Nearly all of the wonderful moments and memories in my life you were there with me.  Vacations, Holidays, Weddings and Life you have been there for it all.

You are my “cousin” by choice, friend just isn’t a strong enough of a word to explain to people the bond that we have.  I am so lucky to still have you in my life after 31 years, moves and career changes.  I don’t get to see you nearly as often as I would like (a precedent our parents started at a young age, LOL), but when I do, even 5 minutes together and we are always picking up where we left off.

Inside jokes, friends quotes, marco/polo and always having each other’s back.  The other day this was on my timehop:


You posted that on my Facebook wall 6 months after shit hit the fan, 1 day before what would have been my anniversary.  Which, I know is your way of telling me that you love me!  I remember the card that you sent me right after shit hit the fan, I believe that I still have it somewhere.  You told me how proud you were of me, how strong you knew I was, but in case I wasn’t up to it, you’d be happy to come and kick some A$$ if need be, LOL!

Parasailing Rides, many games of cards, The smokey mountains, Hawaii, church camps, weddings, wedding and more weddings, jumbo shrimp, too many tailgates and football games to count, my date on new years so many times and just one of the very very best friends I could have ever asked for.  Whose parents are whose again?  I mean after all you may be my sister and that would explain so much!

I love you and I’m so very thankful for you!!  Almost 32 years of friendship and counting 🙂 I couldn’t get out of here without some Friends Quotes!!!

friends quotes.jpg


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