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#40Notes40Days: Someone you admire

I have watched you and admired you since I was in the 6th grade.
Sitting on your piano bench playing the flute.  The instrument that you taught me how to play the best I could and made me want to practice and get better week to week.
You were so smart,  talented,  kind and beautiful.
I remember knowing how lucky I was that you were in my life.
When you went off to Duke for college,  I remember thinking you must be so intelligent,  hard working and elite.
Over the years you have been sprinkled here and there in my life.
When I was getting divorced,  you gave me the best advice.  You told me to always remember that this was just a part of my story, not my whole story.   That sticks with me still.
Watching your posts on Facebook is nothing short of amazing.   You are so successful,  with a beautiful family,  a loving husband and a great career.
You take care of yourself and your family.   That is what still makes you so admirable.
I’m so thankful that you have been a part of my life.   Maybe just sprinkled here and there,  but leaving your mark nonetheless.
Thank you Julie!  You are someome I admire and have for nearly 25 years.


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