The No Complaining Rule

I’m reading this book.  Written by the same author as The Energy Bus,  Jon Gordon. The No Complaining Rule.
I’m only about half way through and this is what it has validated for me.   You have 2 choices,  positivity or negativity.   There are 2 roads in life,  you get to pick which road you are on.  “The positive road is never closed.   And if you ever get off of it,  you can always get back on. ”
You can choose to quit complaining in 2 steps.
First step,  you do a No Complaining Day.  Just stop cold turkey.  You monitor your thoughts and realize just how negative you are.
Second step,  When you do complain,  because you will,  use it to your advantage.   We can use what we don’t want and don’t like as a catalyst to help us determine what we do want and do like.

Food for thought!


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