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What Do You Think: Shooting Sprees

So, a town called Kalamazoo, about 2 hours away from where I currently live had a random shooting over the weekend.  This town also happens to be one that I lived in for my last two years of high school and came home to during breaks from college.  My sister currently lives about 15 minutes west and I have many old friends who still live there.

I have read a lot of news articles, but I am not going to pretend to know 100% what happened.  What I can tell for certain is that 6 people died at the hands of an Uber driver who decided to go on a shooting rampage.

This is not about any of that.  What I am wondering though, is when you hear stories like this who/what do you tend to blame?

A Facebook friend of mine posted about this on her timeline a couple of days ago.  She lost a couple of people that she knew and made a statement about how heartbroken she was. In the comments, someone went on talking about how this was the Devil’s work. “Satan is on the rise” this lady said.   I can’t put my finger on why, but that really rubbed me the wrong way.

I found myself reading and re-reading the comment hoping that I just hadn’t understood what was being said.  Although, I am pretty certain that I understand exactly.  Here is the thing though, I don’t think this has anything to do with faith.  I say that and I am a religious person, I do believe in God, I attend church regularly.

I tend to believe that more often than not these situations occur as a result of mental illness.  We ask, what can we do?  It seems to me that the answer can be as simple as be a little nicer to people, reach out and speak to people that maybe normally you wouldn’t, particularly the person in the room who is all by themselves.

For most people, we have no idea what is going on in their heads and in their homes. Though for that moment, we have the ability to connect with them in perhaps a way that no one has for a long time, if ever.

I don’t believe this is a Satan issue, I believe that it is a Mental Health issue.  What Do You Think?


13 thoughts on “What Do You Think: Shooting Sprees”

  1. It is sad for everyone. And there is no way for any one of us to reach every one of us. Though, if we stopped blaming everything and everyone else and just tried for a moment to do things that we can to help. So, I say reach out! Make someone happy and feel included. It may not change anything, it could make a world of difference.


  2. I think, almost always, it comes down to a mental health issue. And perhaps a gun control issue (depending on your country – I read through twice, but could only see a town. But I’m also very tired, so forgive me if I missed it!). I think that, in Australia, we have plenty of mental health issues but we don’t have mass shootings or spree shootings because a) it’s much harder for people to get a hold of guns and b) we’ve got a much smaller problem (so therefore, percentages are often going to be smaller).
    Regardless, I’m so sorry for what’s happened in your community. That must be devastating.

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      1. That’s so sad 😦 I’m surprised we haven’t heard about it here. Usually we do. Our news is currently filled with Kesha’s trial. I’m so, so sorry, though.

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  3. yup. I live right outside of Grand Rapids. The news has taken over the t.v channels. And still, he basically admitted to all the killings yesterday in court but still wont say “why”. Its like he did it…just…cuz… idk…

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  4. Mental health. It scares me because usually the family knew that there was something off with the individual and instead of getting help they put their heads in the sand. We have to stop being people that don’t value mental health and the importance of it.


  5. And yes I think it’s mental health issues. Shootings/ killings/ drugs/ robberies, I think it has sometime to do with mental illness for each one. Drug addiction is a mental problem, who knows what all they’d do to help their problem. It’s sad to sit and watch the news and see all the problems out there and wonder if it’s actually treatable.

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  6. That’s sad, this is the first I’ve heard of it (I don’t have cable or internet at home) My mother grew up in Michigan and I’ve been there . . .only once lol.

    Anyone willing to sling a gun and take a life is struggling mentally and in general; they’ve lost their rationality or they never had any to begin with. I don’t necessarily believe every shooter has a mental “disorder”, but they are definitely being tormented. Perhaps by a need for control or domination or a sick need for attention or to be heard. There are many, many ways people lose grip on their rationality besides a diagnosable disorder or health issue. For example, extreme, sudden grief (that was never depression) can drive someone into irrational depths.

    I think when looking at sensitive topics like this, it’s important to remember life is very much a mental experience: everything we do requires we engage in mental processes and therefore many life issues can be attributed to mental health. However, not all of those mental health issues have anything to do with an actual mental disorder.

    Half of these shooters claiming mental health disorders are probably trying to get an insanity defense anyway. You never know what really goes on behind courtroom doors, regardless of how much they report out.


  7. This is a touchy subject. “Guns kill people.” True, but it’s the people holding the guns that actually do the killing. Mental illness is abundant. It is not recognized, diagnosed or understood. There is still a stygma attached to anything promoted as mental illness. There is also pure evil in the world. The “abuse excuse” is now a normal defense. Not all people who have been abused turn into mass murderers or serial killers. Getting these people help after the fact doesn’t do much good. If others would just pay attention to the signs and symptoms and get these people the help they needed before they go off the deep end, it would be wonderful.

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