#40Notes40Days: Someone you once got into trouble with

This note is just to all of my boyfriends, friends that were boys and girlfriends from church growing up! Yea, I know right, the someone that I once got into trouble with, people from church.  Also the fact that I can’t narrow it down, because I got into trouble with so many, LOL!!

They were the best people to get into trouble with.  So, many different times and different stories race through my head.  Though, I didn’t want to call any one person out.  I just wanted to write a blanketed note.

I was so lucky to have each and every one of you.  Groups of friends from both of my churches, the one that I grew up in, Newburg and the on that my family joined when we moved when I was 16, Chapel Hill.

Drinking a little too young and staying out a little too late.  School dances, mission trips, choir tours, basement parties and walks up a mountain.  Falling asleep in the park, walking for miles, hiding out and hiding in.

I have SO many wonderful memories of my church friends.  Maybe we weren’t ALWAYS doing things the right way.  After all though, what is a group of friends if you can’t get in trouble with them.  Thank you to all of you, you know who you are.  I hope that you have as many fond memories with me, as I do with you!


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