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Thursday Teenager Spotlight: 2/25

Hello! My name is Alex and  I’m fourteen years old.  I’m in Year 10 at highschool, which I believe is the equivilant of freshman year in America. I live in a very cold part of Nothern England where it’s almost always raining and there isn’t much to do, but all in all I love England, we’re a very artsy country that have produced some pretty cool eccentrics and in general, our people are pretty lovely too. Even though I would love to travel, for the longterm, I’m staying firmly rooted in England.
The whole idea of being a teenager is something I’ve never really thought about, I fell into my teenage years through a very difficult time and as I’ve stayed clear of the stereotypical teenage drama my entire life. Not that sterotypical drama isn’t a pain and everyone who’s going through is completely validated to feel terrible. Stereotypes aren’t always bad, it’s probably just that the person you are arguing with is being rather petty. ANYWAY went off topic a little there, what I’m trying to say is that I don’t think I really live up to the convential expectations of the modern teenager. My life is probably much quieter. I’m a very independent person, who enjoys a balance of spending time with her group of friends and spending quality time with her cat.
Okay I’m coming across a little lonely.
I’m not shy at all, I’m just not particulary loud. I enjoy writing and I’m currently working on my first full novel! I also love blogging, it makes me so happy and I’ve learnt so much from it. I’m not paticulary popular at school, but not unpopular either, I’m sort of out of the loop with my group of friends that try and get on with everyone. Although don’t you think the whole teenage hierachy is stupid? The whole pack system is animalistic and primitive and only used to give people more self confidence. When there are much nicer ways (ever heard of compliments?)  It just makes people feel uncomfortable and the whole idea is just an illusion which is just based on a suprioity complex which has no real effect on anything.
And calm.
In terms of problems teenagers face, I think most of us struggle with school for different reasons. Bullying, behaviour, stress whatever it may be, we can feel helpless because we have no choice but to stick it out for a couple more years. I believe there definately needs to be more pastoral care systems in schools, lots of people are facing serious problems and schools just can’t cope with them, when they should be at the forefront of that student’s support system, considering how much time the student has to  spend there.
My last little question is what I think teenage life was like 20 years ago. The year would be 1996 and I think I would sort of prefer to be a teenager then, simply because the music was better and I love 90s fashion and films and televison and everything 90s. Although, I think teenagers then still dealed with the same problems as us, just applyed  to slightly different situations. The teachers would have probably have been nastier, apparently they’ve got softer with time.
I hope you enjoyed reading about my teenage life, I’m really honoured to be part of this project. Feel free to check out my blog HappyAlex and say hello.
Thank you so much for reading,

8 thoughts on “Thursday Teenager Spotlight: 2/25”

  1. Hi Alex, you’re 14 and still young yet you seem so sure of yourself and so positive which is just wonderful. It doesn’t matter if you’re not popular, it’s more important to be true to yourself and just have a few friends who accept you as you are. Thanks for the insight into your life.

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