The No Complaining Rule

I’m reading this book.  Written by the same author as The Energy Bus,  Jon Gordon. The No Complaining Rule. I’m only about half way through and this is what it has validated for me.   You have 2 choices,  positivity or negativity.   There are 2 roads in life,  you get to pick which road you are […]

Reblog: 5 Life-Changing Wisdom to Improve Your Life

Originally posted on Live.Dream.Inspire. Go check out this blog, a wonderful reminder about the things we can do in life to improve the quality of our lives.

#40Notes40Days: Someone you admire

Julie- I have watched you and admired you since I was in the 6th grade. Sitting on your piano bench playing the flute.  The instrument that you taught me how to play the best I could and made me want to practice and get better week to week. You were so smart,  talented,  kind and […]

Reblog from Itsathought: Asshat

When I initially read this blog, I literally LOLed.  I thought it was so incredibly accurate and written in such a light-hearted way that it needed to be shared.  I immediately sent it to a friend who I though need a laugh in her day and sure enough, she enjoyed it too.  Read this, I […]

#40notes40days: Someone who is part of your chosen family!

Lissa Sue (I know that no one calls you this anymore, but you will always be Lissa to me)- I don’t remember my life without you in it.  Nearly all of the wonderful moments and memories in my life you were there with me.  Vacations, Holidays, Weddings and Life you have been there for it […]

Flashback Friday: My story to share

Source: My story to share I am using this blog as inspiration to start a book.  I really really want to write a book and what better place to start then when my life as I know it started.  The title will be Karmatic: 5 Years Later.  Here is a link to the preview (mostly […]

#40Notes40Days: Someone who once gave you good advice.

First person that came into my head for today’s topic is my friend Michelle from church. Michelle- I have known you as long as I can remember, so I am sure that you have given me all kinds of good advice.  Particularly because you are just a hand full of years older than me, so you […]

Thursday Teenager Spotlight 2/18

Here is the 2nd Installment of the Teenage Spotlight!  Thank you again for all the interest. If you read this and our interested in guest blogging on “what its like to be a teenager in 2016”, please connect with me. Hey I go by DayDreamer52 on My Overflowing Thoughts here on WordPress and I want to […]