Thursday Teenager Spotlight: 3/31

Our Guest Blogger for today is Ruth from Fearlessly Loud.  Thank you so much for writing a post for this.  I think that you are wonderful.  Please everyone, if you haven’t already, please go and check her out!!   Hi! My name is Ruth and I’m 16 years old (so close to 17!). I wasContinue reading “Thursday Teenager Spotlight: 3/31”

Need to get my Sh** together!!

After reading my NAMI article, I realized I need to get myself back on track. The article was written awhile ago, but that doesn’t change the thought and passion behind the article.  I need to continue to work on the different parts of my life that are important to me, at the same time, toContinue reading “Need to get my Sh** together!!”

Today is the Day

For the last year, I have been looking forward to when today would arrive.  I am headed off to the west side of the state with a couple of my co-workers.  We are all presenting at an Early Childhood Conference over the next couple of days. I instruct (train) early childhood professionals for a living.  Usually,Continue reading “Today is the Day”

What Do You Think About….Life After Love

There are some of us who get into a marriage at a young age.  Stay with that one person for the entirety of our lives and live happily ever after. Then there are those of us that get burned by love some time.  We either fall in love with someone who doesn’t fall back forContinue reading “What Do You Think About….Life After Love”

Manic Monday Check-In: 3/28

Last week was a weird one.  I didn’t write as many posts as I had been averaging.  So, my numbers were down.  However, I wrote a couple of my favorite posts last week and found myself going back to re-read them. Still, with over 500 views and 250 visitors, I’m not complaining.  I had aContinue reading “Manic Monday Check-In: 3/28”

#40Notes40Days: Open Letter to Myself

You are writing this on the first day of Lent.  You made a list of people to write that fit within the #40Notesin40Days parameters and this is your check in.  How did you do?  How did it feel to reach out to those people and did they respond to you? Here is your list: 1.MeContinue reading “#40Notes40Days: Open Letter to Myself”