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#40Notes40Days: Someone who is Struggling

So, I have a lot of friends overcoming and going through different struggles right now.  I hope that if I address you, you will take this message as an encouragement, not a put down.

We all struggle at different points in our lives with different things.  Money, Love, Career, Ourselves, there are so many factors in this life that contribute to our overall well being.

The first person that came to mind with this was my friend Cameron from church.  Cam, I have watched you grow into an amazing young man and an absolutely wonderful father. Things didn’t work out the way that you thought they would, but I’m hoping that you can see, at some point that is because God has something better in store for you. I love you kid!

Sam, my friend Sam lost her Dad last week.  I haven’t seen Sam in while, but she is in my heart.  Losing a parent has to be a terrible struggle no matter how old or young you are when it happens.  It is never easy and is something that we need to learn to navigate through.  Sam, I love you and I am here for you if there is anything you need.

A friend of mine who is pregnant with her second child, due in August.  Stephanie, I know that this pregnancy has left you tired and not feeling well on a lot of days.  You have a beautiful family and I know that they support you, as the next few months of your pregnancy march on and after the baby is born.  The other struggle, having the time and energy to care for the other kids and making a smart choice to put an end date on that. Spend some more 1:1 time with your girl before baby arrives.

Stacy, dealing with infidelity and divorce.  This struggle is so real and can haunt you for so long if you let it.  There are also so many struggles that come with it too.  The blame, the hurt, the lack of trust, just to name a few.  You can make it.  I promise you, this is only part of your story.  Take care of your babies, take care of yourself!!


Lastly, to anyone who is struggling….we have all struggled.  We have had loved ones or significant others who have gone through the same thing or we ourselves have.  Surround yourself with people who care, understand and love.  People who are there for you, in whatever way you need them to be.  It is through our biggest struggles that we learn who are true friends are.  Who stays, who goes, who tries to understand and who blames.

Cam, Sam, Stephanie and Stacy….you are all awesome.  I give you all a huge hug and say “this is just one chapter”, one chapter in the long, rich story of your life!


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    1. Thank you. This has been a very fun Lenten journey to be a part of. Only half way through, so there will be 20 more posts 😀 Then in April I’ll be working on an A to Z challenge. Button is in the sidebar of my page, if you are interested!

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