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#40Notes40Days: Someone you have met in the last 6 months.

Today, I wanted to give a shout to my therapist.  I met you back in September, I think that you are wonderful and you truly helped me to know that all of the things I was feeling are completely normal.

Now because of Holidays, kids being sick and crazy schedules, I haven’t even seen you since before Christmas.  For some reason, it just hasn’t worked out for us to see each other, but I will be back in your office, sitting on that couch sometime in the near future, I promise.

That being said in the 6 times that we did see each other, you gave me great tools for my well-being.  You also helped me to embrace my issues instead of pushing them away.  You made me realize how OK it was that I still had scars and baggage from my past life, even though my current life is great.   I still have my moments, I try counting and breathing when everything seems to be spinning out of control.


In the meantime, I blog.  Blogging helps me so much.  Not just my writing, which is truly cathartic, but the writing of others. You helped to encourage that.  When I told you that I blogged, you said that you loved that idea.

Thank you for talking me through my pain.  For making me confront all of the things I thought I was supposed to be over and done with, but hadn’t yet healed from.  You have truly helped me and I know that you were the right therapist for me.



7 thoughts on “#40Notes40Days: Someone you have met in the last 6 months.”

  1. This is wonderful…in two ways. Your therapist seems to be one of the good ones and I echo your sentiments about blogging. Blogging has certainly been a good thing for me….and the support and camaraderie that accompanies it are invaluable.
    I love the 40 Notes thing, by the way!

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