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#40Notes40Days: Someone you’ve known as long as you can remember!


Well, who else could I possibly write this letter to??

You are only 14 months younger than me and I don’t have any memories that exist before that.  My whole life you have been there.  Whether near or far, you have been my friend. Since I was 1 year old, I have been blessed with your friendship.

Many vacations, church camps,concerts, football games, weddings and new year’s eves, we have so many memories together.  Lots of fun, inside jokes, laughter, tears and conversation.  You have been with me through all the stages of my life and I have been fortunate enough to be with you.

You are a true friend.  From miles and states apart, it doesn’t matter the length of time that goes by between visits, you are still here.

Nearly all the big events and happy occasions that have happened in my life, you were right by my side for.

I am so thankful for you and your constant friendship and support in my life.  Over 34 years of friendship and I’m hopeful that we will have more than 34 years more.

I love you and your family.  I can’t wait to see you in a few weeks.  Even though I don’t get to see you very often, I love keeping up with what you are doing.  The blessing of modern technology.

Thank you for being my friend Stacey!




4 thoughts on “#40Notes40Days: Someone you’ve known as long as you can remember!”

  1. Thanks Steph! You are my true friend too! I can’t wait to see you soon – you’re right, no matter how far apart in distance and time, we are always friends and you mean so much to me!

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