What Do You Think About…Voting??

So Today are Primaries here in the Michigan.  I will be making my way to the local Elementary school to vote before I head into work this morning.

I believe that it is important to vote.  I don’t talk politics very much.  I do read about it, I try to watch debates and I form my own opinion.

Some people say that their vote doesn’t matter, wouldn’t make a difference and they don’t know enough to cast a vote.  It is my opinion that each vote does matter, that saying that is simply an excuse.  As American’s we have the right to exercise our vote.  It is a privilege, even if sometimes a very frustrating one.  Sometimes it seems that there is no real good candidate, I get that.

I go and take part in the primaries, in hopes that the person that I would most like to be president making it into the election.  Now, whatever happens, happens, but at least I will know that I did my part!

If you are in the U.S. do you take part in your states primaries?  Do you make it a point to get out in vote in November on Election Day?  I’m very interested to see what other people think.


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9 thoughts on “What Do You Think About…Voting??

  1. I like to vote, but depending on what state that you reside in, the vote for president may not matter. In my state of Massachusetts, the democrats always get the vote here. It would be better if the electoral counts were proportionate instead of winner take all. That would make all votes count in each state.

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  2. Um, I am from Europe, and was far from born yet, when Hitler’s crazy train went through Europe… even so, living in Europe, we got it hammered into our heads in school, from parents, from society: how very important it is to vote.. cause a lot of people staying ignorant and/or passive, could lead to another insane tyrant plaguing Europe, yet again.. I know you asked about Americans, but seeing, *ahem* one of the American candidates for the presidency, I am inclined to give my opinion, that it is equally important for Americans to vote. Sorry for sticking my nose in it.. 😛

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    1. OH no, I think it is clearly important for others to weigh in. I just am not educated enough to speak to what countries do and do not vote for people in power, so that is why I didn’t single out anyone else. I am not sure who you speak of with the *ahem*, but I have to imagine Trump, perhaps and if that is the case….I would say that I 100% agree with you.

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      1. That’s alright, cause I am not educated enough to say too much about American elections, either.. 🙂 so no worries. But yes, the *ahem* was about Trump… That much i know, that I do not think he would be good for the regular people in the country… 😉

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  3. I’m only 14, so I can’t vote yet, but I do believe every contribution does make a difference. After all, if everyone decided their vote didn’t matter so decided not to do it, then there’d be no votes. xP Although, we do talk about politics and stuff in class sometimes.


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