Thursday Teenager Spotlight: 3/10

Uhh, hi. I’ve only come across your blog some time in the last week, but I was definitely interested and honestly touched by the questions you had for teen bloggers, and how you wanted to hear about stuff from their perspective, which quite frankly, not a lot of ‘grown-ups’ do these days, so thank you for that.
I’m Momina, more commonly called Moony, from Musings Of An Insomniac.

Freshly 17 and in my last year of high school in the beautiful city of Islamabad, Pakistan, I’m at a very bitter-sweet point in life; within the next 6 months, I’ll have school behind me, off to college, but I’ll have to part with all my friends too, and regardless of all the drama and stress the last 3 years had, I’ll miss it all. I know that already. 

And as for how being a teenager is different today than 20 years ago? 

Teenagers have always had that rebellious streak in them, the urge to learn for themselves, to experience, to find out, and no one can take that away, since they’ll just find new ways to do so. In that case, we’re still pretty much the same. We want to make our own mistakes, make them again, and then a third time before we learn from them, to experience each bit of life ourselves. I guess that can be hard for parents and mentors at times, to see us making the same stupid mistakes they made during their own teens, but it’s the best way to learn, isn’t it? So I say let us make mistakes, please, just teach us to learn how to live with the consequences of our actions.
Let us try out whatever we want, be it dabbling in arts, or music or astrophysics. Many of us have madness running in our veins, but with it comes brilliance too.

Please do not try to force anything upon us. We are young souls trying to look for our own place in the world, trying to locate our own calling, and many of us are already damaged due to mental illnesses and the staggering rise in their occurrences in young people over the past decade or so. A lot of us are already victimized by our own selves, our own brains, we do not need to feel as if you’re against us too, you who we look up to. 

So please, support us. Make us believe we are more than our problems, our issues, because no matter how small they seem to you, they’re titans to us. We need your love and your kindness, and although we might be rude, distrustful, or distant at times, please try to understand that it gets hard for us to handle school, lots of homework, and a social life altogether, while having to decide what we want to do in our lives when we’re still looked upon as kids.

I understand that this may not apply to all of us, because we’re all over the spectrum, but please, be kind. It will not hurt anyone of us, regardless of our ages, and it will help teach the next generations to be kind too. The world needs it. 

And please do not frown when you see a group of us taking pictures of our food and uploading it to social media, or huddling together for a selfie. You have had your own fun when you were a teenager, with whatever was all the rage those days. Let us enjoy our youth too. Wifi and smartphones have changed the world a lot since you were a teen, and a lot of us might be dependent on it now, but believe me, we do understand the value of face-to-face meetings and little moments unspoiled by tries to capture them in a picture. After all, that’s exactly what us writers and poets are for, aren’t we? To remind the rest of us how important it is to hold on to our humanity, our emotions, our dreams, and not get too lost in ‘capturing the moment’? Because as I once read somewhere, “If it really matters, you’d remember it even if you’ve had amnesia’.

Thank you once again.

Momina Talib

Published by Making Time For Me

Wife, Mother, Step Mom, Control Freak. 7 years into my second marriage and dedicated to making my home a chemical free safe haven <3

15 thoughts on “Thursday Teenager Spotlight: 3/10

  1. Beautifully eloquent! Makes me remember when I was your age….oh how time flies. Enjoy every single minute of your youth, your life, my darling. It shapes, it makes you, it breaks you and then you get to see the real you one day….if you haven’t already….You are beautiful inside and out….that’s what this life is really all about…:) Discovering you so that you can help others discover themselves, too. One enormous circle!

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  2. Wow, good points there! I also wrote a post about teenagers:) Have you checked it? I don’t know if you saw it. Should i change the title into “Thursday Teenager Spotlight”? I’m sorry for my dumb question. I don’t know actually how to tag you in my post. It is different from facebook, instagram, or other social websites:(.

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      1. You can reblog it if i don’t ask for too much! I really appreciate your kindness. You can’t imagine! Let me know what you think about my post and i promise i will write about my teenage too:)

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      2. I read it. I think it is amazing. I think that you are amazing. I will reblog it this weekend to get it read, but I am also going to schedule it to go out a few weeks from now, Highlighted on my Thursday Teenager Spotlight 🙂 Thank you for writing something!

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      3. Whenever you want! Thank you with all my heart, you made my day! So please tell me, how can i tag you in my post? I copied the link of your blog thinking that i have no option to tag you. *I’m sorry again for this stupid question. I feel terrible*


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