Around the World in Barely a Minute Tag

Thank you to Bibliophile who nominated me for this Tag.  I hadn’t ever heard of it before right now.  Thank you so very much.

Though the stats of countries where my blog is read is far and away my favorite.  Both Belgium and Saudi Arabia ended up on my list for the first time yesterday!  This is what my list looks like for 2016!



  • Showcase the above pic.
  • Thank the person who tagged you
  • Show off a pic of or name all the countries from where your visitors come (2016)
  • Link this post if others don’t know how to get the countries (very very high improbability)
  • Tag 5 others (Don’t be broad please)

My visitors come from


I nominate:

Out an’ About

Lessons from my daughter

The Euphoric Iraqi Single Mom

You’re Not Alone In This World


In case you don’t know how to do this, visit Emily’s tag for the instructions over here.





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