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#40Notes40Days: Someone who is a Good Dancer


You are the very first person that I thought of.  All of your beautiful pictures from your contra (I think?) dances.  I remember when you used to do a dance every once in awhile in church.

I haven’t seen you dance very often at all, but all the pictures that you and your Mom have posted.  That amazing smile on your face, I know that you are good at it.  More than that though, I can tell how much you love it.

Not only are you a good/beautiful dancer, you are a terrific person.  I love seeing your different posts of life in college.  I have wonderful memories of camping with Newburg when you were really little.  Rooting for you as you were going through Miss Farmington (again, I believe that is what it was called).

Watching how you choose to spend your time, donate your time, use your time.  I know how happy Dancing must make you because you choose to spend a lot of your time involved in it.

I think that you are pretty awesome Elise.  Keep Dancing 🙂



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