What Do You Think About…Go Fund Me

My friend Emily over at EmilyCornerOffice inspired this blog. Go check out her blog and read about her “New Normal”.

This topic has come up a couple of times due to her families current circumstances, that is what made me think about it today.  It isn’t the first time I have had reactions to Go Fund Me or opinions about it.  In fact, my husband and I have had conversations about it.  It just seemed to be a good topic for today’s WDYTT.

Google says that Go Fund Me is a “Simple, safe & easy online fundraising websites for personal causes, life events – even your favorite charity.”  Well, What Do You Think About that?

Do you think that people should be setting up go fund me accounts, posting them on social media asking for money from friends/family/strangers to get them through whatever they have decided to make a page for?  Do you feel differently about it if a family member of friend starts the page in honor of someone?

Are there certain circumstances that you feel these are appropriate and others that you don’t?  Such as, its OK for health problems/medical bills but not OK for lets say, someone who spent all their money on the lottery?  Where is the Line?

Do you feel like if someone, anyone donates to a go fund me page, then that is what they have decided to spend their money on?  Whether it is clothes for someone’s house that burned down or college tuition?

What about the people who are receiving the money?  If you were to donate to a page or have donated to a page, do you wonder where your money actually went to?  What did they spend it on?  Do you then start to notice if they have a new car or are going on vacations?

I will be totally interested to know what people think about this.  I have my opinion that as of right now, I’m going to keep quiet.  I know some of you people have to have some experience with go fund me, please let me know about it.  What Do You Think?


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17 thoughts on “What Do You Think About…Go Fund Me

  1. I have only one slightly “personal” experience with the “go fund me.” My friend’s former sister-in-laws’ son was killed in an automobile accident. This woman had received more than a million dollars in life insurance when her former husband died.
    She went on GFM to get money for the burial expenses for her son. I didn’t donate.
    I have heard people talking about how they went on there and got thousands and thousands of dollars and did exactly what you said….bought a new car or had plastic surgery or got a new wardrobe.
    I think it should be regulated but even renown charities have been investigated because the actual money used for the cause they supposedly represent was negligible.
    I was inches away from donating to the “wounded warriors” but last night, the charity came under fire for misappropriation of funds.
    The only charity I will ever donate anything to is St. Judes’.

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  2. Go Fund Me is nice for people who lost everything in a fire, who’s loved one died and they’re struggling… But I’ve seen one where a girl is asking for people to help her pay for college. Um. Go get a job, your school will give you a payment plan.

    Too often it seems abused. And I guess in the end I don’t really know where the money is going. I’ve personally never donated to a GFM account though.

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  3. I’ve heard that Go Fund Me takes a nice chunk in fees. And there is that concern about where the rest of the money actually goes. When we had a family member with cancer who couldn’t meet medical expenses, his sister set up an account at a local bank to cover those bills and asked people to make deposits into that account. Same theory as Go Fund Me, but somehow it seemed so much more legitimate, and all of the funds went to the patient’s care without any fees being attached. I think some kind of agreement had to be made with the bank when setting up the account as to how the funds were to be disbursed.

    Personally, I think soliciting funds for outrageous medical bills is ok, but I would definitely not donate to a fund set up for someone’s island vacation or for their kids’ college tuition. My theory is, if you can’t afford it, don’t go.

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  4. I have actually just written a post on this. I have set one up, they insist they take no fees, and it was due to my cat having emergency medical treatments. The bill has racked up to £1200 (possibly more) we had no insurance just an emergency fund, which was swallowed up, since not knowing how much things cost.

    Yes I feel bad for having to ask, and I am greatful to everyone who donates, but he is really my son’s cat and there is no way I can disappoint him or kill the cat because I can’t afford it. I am expecting to have to pay the bulk of the money, but any little thing helps

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      1. we have a dog as well (he does have insurance) but my son has a special relationship with both cats. Both of them go to bed with him, so it was a no brainer, but I wish I had thought how much it would of cost, its a lot of money in one go. Its a lot of money full stop

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